View Full Version : Hercules Competition Engines

21-09-13, 12:34 AM
Hey guys has any one ever heard of or been to Hercules Competition Engines they are in campsie on harp st not sure if this is the right place to post

22-09-13, 02:04 PM
They've been around for a LOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG time.

22-09-13, 11:44 PM
They've been around for a LOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG time.

Have you had any experience with them ??

23-09-13, 06:47 AM
U think they deal a lot with old fords

31-10-13, 09:18 PM
Hey I've known ned since I was born...he is all old school v8 drag car style ..but has in the past few years gotten into circuit racing and even boat racing....I highly recommend him for anything really..need any info just let me know

Ash m
06-11-13, 09:22 PM
Have gone to Hercules (Ned and Tony) for 12 years or so now and couldn't recommend them enough. Have had a 350hp holden to a 800hp chev built buy them as well as work on my s13's over the years both ca and sr engines. Tony is also a wizard with triple su setups on old holdens.

Ned the engine guy has built all types of engines over the years and over the last few got in to the muscle car master series with steve mason in his Camaro, mustang and even his son with a twin webber sr in a 1600.

He is more then happy to build anything though his heart is really in old school things and having only an engine dyno reflects this.

Go talk to him don't just call.

Hope that helps mate.