View Full Version : Honda civic EU1 head light issue

23-09-13, 01:28 PM
Just wondering if any honda guys can help, im not a honda boy so dont ask me to go on Ozhonda and ask there, i dont have an account and not interested to sign up to ask a question lol

Honda Civic EU1 model 2001?, the 4 door EP3 looking one.

Its got headlight issues, low beam does not work
high beams and parker lights, indicators all still work as per normal

tested with brand new headlight bulbs - not fixed
checked all fuses - not blown
changed headlight switch to a another one bought from honda wreckers assuming the switch had died - not fixed and does the exact same thing.

not the bulb, not fuses, not the headlight switch (99% sure its not the switch)

any other ideas? ran out of ideas on what to check for as im no honda owner myself, hoping Dr honda boy can share some light.

ive read that these models had faulty headlight switch and honda had to recall it, but im looking for a "how to fix" resolution.

23-09-13, 07:09 PM
Have you checked the wiring behind the switch, and behind the lights? It could be shorting somewhere along the road, or could have fallen out, or could be fucked.
If you've checked either end. Time to check the middle. Wiring

24-09-13, 10:33 AM
yeah guess i'll have to check wiring, was hoping not to get to that point