06-10-13, 09:13 PM
Just a quick service announcement from Carbon Car Systems (http://www.carboncarsystems.com.au) for anyone wishing to update their Alpine AV unit to be MirrorLink compatible you can follow these instructions. (Attached and published below)

MirrorLink Update for Alpine Mobile Media and Navigation Stations

MirrorLink enables use of your smartphone in your car with an Alpine Mobile Media System for convenient and seamless access of music, navigation and apps. The Mirrorlink interface provides simple viewing of your smartphone content via the large touch display for intuitive control and playback. Currently, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note2, Sony Xperia Z and Nokia with Symbian Belle software are ready to use Mirrorlink and the number of smartphones is continually expanding.

MirrorLink update for IVE-W535ABT / INE-S920E / INE-W947E / INE-Z928E

How to download and install the software update

1. Visit www.alpine.com.au. Navigate to Support > Product Support > Software Update then select your

2. Open the 1.300 update page, then download the appropriate update from the bottom of the page.

3. Unzip the downloaded update fi le folder to a freshly formatted USB memory thumb drive. Do not
change the fi le folder name. The update fi le folder should be the only data contained on the USB
memory thumb drive.

4. Turn on your ignition, and connect USB memory thumb drive to the USB connector of the
IVE-W535ABT / INE-S920E / INE-W947E / INE-Z928E.

5. Press OK button when update message appears on the screen. During the update, a progress bar will
appear. It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete the update. DO NOT turn off your car’s ignition
during the update process.

6. When the fi rmware update is completed, your IVE-W535ABT / INE-S920E / INE-W947E / INE-Z928E
will restart automatically.

7. Turn off the vehicleís ignition, remove the USB memory thumb drive and turn the ignition back on to
fi nalise the fi rmware update. To confi rm the fi rmware version check the number displayed as 1.300 in
the Setup Menu of the IVE-W535ABT / INE-S920E / INE-W947E / INE-Z928E.

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