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Justin Fox
17-12-13, 10:01 AM

I’m really hating how the term “JDM” is being thrown around these days. How did we do it right for so many years only to have it so confused as time goes on? I suppose lines are being blurred and soon absolutely everything out there will be “JDM”.

Example #1: I deleted a picture of a Red Bull Mini posted on the JDMST facebook group, Original Poster (OP) asked why his post was deleted. I asked him why he thought I deleted it. He had no idea. I asked why he posted it. He replied “Because JDM”. I asked if he was trolling me, he got confused, then wrote more internet trash like talk “Much JDM! So WOW, Many Amazing.. etc etc”. I got mad at him and asked him to stop writing in internet trash talk, he freaked out and started writing properly. Turns out he sincerely didn’t know what he was doing wrong.

Example #2: I sold my EG Civic to a kid who couldn’t drive manual. His Dad had to test the car, and his Dad couldn’t drive manual either so he burnt the clutch and drove around the carpark in 1st gear. They bought the car, then I get a call from new owner that night asking what “JMD” means (in relation to all the “JDM” descriptions had in my carsales listing).

Example #3: Just Google “JDM” and check out all the images like the feature image above (created by Michael Ludwig).

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Written by Justin Fox.

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