View Full Version : Wtb: R32 Shell, GTS, GTST, GTR - sunroof and complied preferred

12-11-07, 12:52 PM
I'm posting this up for a friend,

He's looking for an R32 shell to re-shell his crashed Skyline into. Obviously rolling would make things a lot easier, but he has all the parts required so doesn't need a rolling shell, bare shell is acceptable.

Factory sunroof GTS or GTST preferred, but will not pass up a good car just because it doesn't have a sunroof.

Complied for Australian road use is also preferred, but if a great shell comes up uncomplied for the right price he'll go through SEVS for a documented re-shell of his old car.

Body must be straight, he has front guards, bonnet, boot and doors so they don't matter, a widebody is being installed so minor damage to rear guards is acceptable but they must carry the original shape up the top, at the back, and at the front.

Distance isnt' a huge issue, will hire a trailer and travel for the right shell.

Post here or contact [email protected] with any information.

Thanks in advance,