View Full Version : Heasman Steering - Time Attack Wing Development

Justin Fox
23-01-14, 10:35 AM


Drew has been a long time customer of Heasman Steering who have been helping him build his R34 GTR track car for the last 3 years. Constantly chopping and changing things, trying to get the absolute most out of his car; Heasmanís has stripped down the whole interior, cut every bit of unnecessary metal out of the cabin and even removed the dash and replaced it with a custom light weight aluminium dash (which they built).

This time around Drew wanted his wing higher up and further back in an attempt to get it into some cleaner air, but at the same time it had to abide by rules and fit within the regulations of his class. Heasmanís drew up a design using CAD, and got it laser cut. They then pocketed out the inside of the mounts to make them lighter.

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