View Full Version : RFS Photo Shoot with MX-5 at Zen Garage

Justin Fox
04-02-14, 02:31 PM


A little note on Karma; Late last year I got a message from a guy (Angelo Kehagias) on facebook who let me know that a shared mate of ours suggested that he contact me to borrow my MX-5 for a photo shoot.

Angelo wanted the car for a few days. I tried to explain to Angelo that I’m a car guy, and that was a pretty big ask and that if they damaged the car, they’d have to pay for it. He was like, “sure man no worries!”. I then further explained, dude even if you scratch a rim you’d have to fix it. Again, he said no worries!

I then had to ask what he was trying to achieve with the shot. He sent me through a screen grab from the epic late 80′s film “Less Than Zero”. Memories of that film came flooding back (it’s rad, look it up, go watch it), and I convinced Angelo he’d be able to shoot it at Zen to get the same effect. Shooting a night scene at Zen meant that I would have to stay back after work till 9pm or so, which is always a hard thing for me as I’m buggered by 5pm, but I agreed to it anyways (because that’s the way I am!) and then Angelo tells me “by the way, it’s for RFS…


I fell off my chair at that point. The Broners (a tight group of male friends that have formed through Zen) listen to RFS ALL THE TIME. We listen to RFS at Zen Garage, in our cars, at our houses and man caves, the album ATLAS has just become (a great) part of our daily lives, so to hear it was for RFS. Yeah, just fucking awesome Karma!

The shoot was LONG but we kept the boys entertained between breaks. Photographer Angelo Kehagias works harder than any photographer I've ever met. We've had to wait this long to post these images due to non-disclosure agreements. You can find more shots from the shoot on Angelo's site in the links below.

Enjoy many more behind the scenes shots on Zen Blog: http://zengarage.com.au/2014/02/rufus-photoshoot-at-zen-garage/