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27-02-14, 10:46 AM
This Holden Commodore Gen-F HSV R8 was booked in at our Brisbane Detailing Studio for;

■ Paint Protection with 22PLE VX1 Professional
■ Interior Clean (standard)
■ Overspray removal
■ Paint Correction

The car got bathed in a mixture of Mint Snow Foam (http://www.carcareproducts.com.au/product/mint/snow_foam) & Mint APC (http://www.carcareproducts.com.au/product/mint/apc) with the Autobrite Snow Foam Lance (http://www.carcareproducts.com.au/product/autobrite/ab_snow_foam_lance) to remove any product(s) that may had been left on the paintwork before delivery was taken.

The HSV paint was covered quite badly in white overspray (quite clearly shown in the pictures below!), a lot of surface contaminants and a fair wack of hard water spotting as well all over the paintwork and also glass.

A full decontamination process was needed to remove all the surface contaminants including the hard water spot marks found everywhere. In fact it was that bad that John had to clay the entire car almost 3 times over and spend quite some time removing these hard-water spots.

Quick note; for those who use recycled or bore water, we highly recommend using an ‘inline’ water filter to ensure you do not end up with water spotting from the hard-water.

Once clayed (a couple times), a 2 stage correction with the RUPES LHR15 (http://www.carcareproducts.com.au/product/rupes/bigfoot_polisher_lhr15e) and DAS6 Pro /w Menzerna PF2500 and Menzerna SF4000 (http://www.carcareproducts.com.au/product/car_care_products/ro_polisher_das6_pro_kit_lake_country)was carried out – approx. correction time was 8-10 hours in total.

As you can see at the end, the result really proves how much better a brand new car can look after a full detail/correction. Finished with 22PLE Pro VX1 9H Japanese Glass Coating.

Wheels; cleaned carefully with the Mint Detailing Brushes (http://www.carcareproducts.com.au/product/mint/detailing_brush_kit), Wheel Woolies (http://www.carcareproducts.com.au/product/speciality_brands/wheel_woolies_kit)& 1Z Einszett Colourtec (http://www.carcareproducts.com.au/product/einszett_1z/colourtec_wheel_cleaner) to remove any brake dust, dirt and grime.

Interior also received the usual vacuum, and interior trim dressed with 1Z Einszett Cockpit Premium (http://www.carcareproducts.com.au/product/einszett_1z/cockpit_premium_interior_plastic_cleaner), which for those who are wondering what to use – this will leave a matte/factory like finish that is not silicone based like many “other” brands out there.

As you can see below, the white overspray is very clear to the eye!







Hardwater marks over the glass were worse than the paintwork (thankfully in a way)




On the 3rd stage of claying the paint with our favourite Dodo Juice Clay bar & Born Slippy Lubricant (http://www.carcareproducts.com.au/product/dodo_juice/dodo_clay_and_born_slippy_duo)– which we cannot mention enough how IMPORTANT it is to be sure to use a quality lubricant for a few reasons. A) the longevity of your clay bar, B) Quick Detailers have glossing & sealing agents – this will ‘seal your paintwork’ and not actually help the process of “removing” contaminants and C) A true lubricant if dries over your paintwork can be rinsed off without causing in chances of water spotting! Please use the correct lubricant! – Not sure what clay barring is? – See here for further details & how to! (http://howto.carcareproducts.com.au/)


A little light marring, not to bad considering the car was clayed 3 times!


During the polishing stage


And straight to the finished pics! (apologies, due to the size of the vehicle & amount of overspray we did not have a chance to take the usual amount of 50/50 photos etc)











Car Care Products (http://www.carcareproducts.com.au) do offer Premium Detailing Services such as Paint Protection, Matte Paint Protection, Detailing & Paint Correction + more in our Detailing Studio's in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. If you would like a quote or further information please feel free to contact us on 1300 006 007, or email [email protected]

And of course, for those who want to DIY, including any paint correction & detailing please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to advise what you need to complete the job and help you through all the stages.