View Full Version : 93 JZA80 NA auto 187xxxkms bris southside $7000 firm

14-04-14, 09:38 PM
Hey guys and girls.

I'm more of a lurker then a post whore here so please excuse the post count.

My wife and I are building our first home in May so we need to sell the toys.
My 1jz mx83 is now gone so this is next.

Has been my daily for since the x8 was sold in August. Only driven short distances since I live ~10mins from work.

93 JZA80, NA auto, 188xxxkms, roof wing, rain guards, 18x8 monoblock gt05's, rego till august.

Will most probably not be renewing the rego.

Engine is standard except for pod filter

Now has fresh set of MCA's coilovers fitted since taking photo's. Have done under 500K's, springs are F 18kg R 7kg
Very capable set of coilovers.

Has flip up DVD player and speakers, amplifier and subwoofer installed

$7000 firm w/ Lenso GT05's. If you want cheaper BYO wheels

Open to swaps for manual mx83 or 4cyl daily with cash my way...

MX83 2JZGE W58 preferred but may take 7MGE depending on mods/condition.

If you have a 2JZGE X100 auto could do a straight swap too

Have seen these go for closer to $10,000 so I think this is pretty well priced

no RWC but will pass no worries, could be inc for a little extra.

If you want more info or photo's of something just ask...

Brisbane southside

Mob# 0402248801






Have since lowered the car so will update the photo's in the next couple of days.

28-04-14, 12:16 PM
Photo of new ride height.

Lowered to good daily height.

Still looks high in the photo's lol


$6000 byo wheels and OEM suspension refitted NO RWC

$7000 as is NO RWC