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28-04-14, 02:51 PM
The ALL-NEW Mobile App from Bendix (http://www.bendix.com.au/)

http://i762.photobucket.com/albums/xx270/go2spacebucket/brake1.png (http://s762.photobucket.com/user/go2spacebucket/media/brake1.png.html)

If you spend too much time searching through catalogues to identify brake pads only to have the wrong brake pads delivered, then the Bendix Brake Pad Identifier (http://www.bendix.com.au/bendixapp) mobile phone app is the only solution for you.

Developed for mechanics, brake fitters and even DIY car enthusiasts, the Bendix Brake Pad Identifier mobile phone app instantly and accurately identifies any brake pad. Sophisticated photo-recognition software identifies any brake pad within seconds from you smartphone.


The Bendix Brake Pad Identifier mobile phone app allows you to simply take a photo of a brake pad on your smartphone and run the image through our unique pad recognition software to instantly and accurately find part numbers and applications. Follow the 6 simple steps below to find out just how quick and easy this great new tool is, and how much time it will save you in your busy workshop.

http://i762.photobucket.com/albums/xx270/go2spacebucket/brake2.png (http://s762.photobucket.com/user/go2spacebucket/media/brake2.png.html)

There’s no better or more accurate way to identify brake pads in the workshop than with the Bendix Brake Pad Identifier mobile phone app. Stop wasting time searching through brake pad catalogues and improve your customer service with this indispensable tool.

The Bendix Brake Pad Identifier is also updated regularly with new models and parts so you get the right information every time.

FREE download (http://clixtrac.com/goto/?169832) for the iPhone from the App Store.

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