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mojo the monkey
29-11-07, 12:59 PM
hey guys

after having issues with my water pump is seems to have affected my head gasket.

looks like ill need to replace it in the near future i have been quoted $2500 to $3000 for the job just wondering if this is the normal type of cost??

also would it be hard to diy?? or any one know a good mech for mazda's??

thanks guys :)

29-11-07, 01:38 PM
$3000 for a head gasket seems fairly ridiculous.

I'm not familiar with the MX6's engine bay, but if you post a photo, me or someone else can tell you exactly how to change it.

Basically, you can get a full engine gasket kit from auto one for about $300.

You will need a Torque wrench (<$100) and some Gasket goo/glue (<$20).

Exhaust goo/glue (<$20)

You may as well change the timing belt as well while your at it. ($not sure)

I recommend getting a Haynes or similiar workshop manual from an auto shop, it will have Torque listings and a much more detailed guide than this to.

But here is a rough idea on what you need to do, having not seen the engine:

1. Undo the exhaust headers from the head, with any luck you will have enough room to leave them connected to the rest of your exhaust, just bend them out of the way slightly.

2. Undo the intake manifold, depending on whether your car is FI or carby, this may be an easy of hard job, the latter is usually very easy.

3. Mark the timing belt and pulleys, use white out. Basically you want to mark the timing belt at both end top and bottom, with corresponding marks on the crank and cam shaft to make sure you don't mess up the timing. Even so, I'd still get it checked afterwards by a mechanic.

4. Drain Cooling System

5. Drain Oil

6. Remove the rocket cover

7. Remove the cam shaft and timing belt

8. Remove the head

9. Remove the gasket remains from both surfaces (head and block), clean with some sort of corrosive substance to get all the remains off, if I remember right I used acetone and it worked a treat.

10. Put on new gasket, using gasket goo on both surfaces, re-attached head immediately and torque up to the correct torque (nfi what it was, but read: really f*cking tight).

11. Replace cam shaft and re-fit or replace timing belt.

12. Replace Rocket cover gasket (included in your gasket kit), use gasket goo again and reattach Rocket cover.

13. Replace exhaust gasket, use the exhaust goo and reattach headers

14. Replace intake manifold gasket, use gasket goo again, reattach intake manifold.

15. Fill up with oil again

16. Fill up with water / coolant again.

17. Enjoy the $2000 + dollars you just saved and head straight to the Casino.

mojo the monkey
29-11-07, 04:21 PM
looks like this (not my car but best pic i could find)


30-11-07, 09:57 AM
Which head gasket is it?

I have a contact who works on mx6's regularly.

They go pretty good huh :).

If his changing the gasket, why does he need a Full kit? His not changing any other seals/gaskets in the engine apart from manifolds. A head gasket/VRS kit can be picked up for $40-120.

If you need a gasket cheap, let me know.

30-11-07, 10:51 AM
East-West HG changes are always a little more expensive...

By the looks of it, if its the rear bank, it might require the engine to be dropped slightly or atleast twisted in the engine bay depending on the room.

Also look at the prevenitive maintence side of things.

Yes Timing belts, but how do you know the heads aren't slighty warped? My mate has a V6 in his MR2. Before putting it in, put a fresh VRS kit through the engine, installed it (which as you could imagine is a massive massive job) got it running for 2 months then blew a HG because he did not skim both decks.

I can do a head gasket change not a prob, but I would still take mine to a mechanic as:

1) There will be a warranty involved

2) He/She has ALL the tool/space needed

3) They can check the condition of both decks for warpage/pilling/corrosion and take the right actions.

Also... look at the performance side too, while the head is off, maybe get it shaved a couple of thou for more compression, and see if you can track down a metal/composite thinner HG

As a generlisation, FWD's are almost always more expensive then RWD's :(