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20-06-16, 11:21 AM
Did you know that for each of your car’s tyres, there’s only one handprint-sized area of tread in contact with the road? That’s four small patches of rubber controlling all of your car’s movements, which is why you should never underestimate the importance of your car’s tyres.
The reason your tyres are important is simple: they are the only connection your car has with the road. The lives of you, your family and friends, everyone you care about are literally riding on just four hands prints of tread.
However, many motorists don’t know that their car’s tyres should be maintained, or simply don’t know how to. The effects of not properly maintaining your tyres cannot only impact your car’s ride comfort and handling, which can be dangerous due to changes to the intended tyre’s performance characteristics.
Here are a few important tips to help you to maintain your car’s tyres and get the most from them:
1. Make sure your tyres are correctly inflated
Improperly inflated tyres can be unsafe and will lead to uneven tread wear and higher fuel consumption. You can find the recommend tyre pressure on the vehicle manufacturer placard usually found on the driver’s side door pillar or fuel flap. The cold pressure of your tyres should be checked on a weekly basis.
Nitrogen is a great way to maintain tyre pressure for longer, it’s what most motor racing teams use to inflate their tyres. Nitrogen molecules are larger and won’t leak through the tyre as easily as oxygen, providing consistent pressure during temperature changes and over time.
Have a talk with a Bridgestone technician at your local Bridgestone Store to find out more about getting nitrogen into your car tyres.
2. Routinely inspect your tyres
You can easily check your tyre’s condition to make sure there isn’t uneven tyre wear, and that there’s a safe level of tread left. As tread depth lowers, so does a tyre’s ability to grip in wet conditions.
Tyres have tread depth indicators moulded into the grooves of the tyre. When they become flush with the tyre tread, they have reached their minimum depth and it’s time to change your tyres immediately!
The deeper your tread, the safer you’ll be.
3. Keep your tyres regularly rotated
Different vehicles wear their tyres at different rates. Their position on your car also determines the rate at which they wear. That’s why tyre rotation is the best way to achieve even tyre wear and longer tyre life.
Rotating the tyres on your car is simple: Swap the rear tyres to the opposite side on the front and vice-versa.
Rotating your tyres every 5,000-8,000kms can go a long way to making your tyres last a lot longer.
4. Get your wheels professionally aligned
A wheel alignment is an easy fix for steering problems and uneven tyre wear. If your car’s steering control is poor, or if it pulls in a particular direction, your wheels may not be properly aligned. Misaligned wheels can cause excessive and irregular tyre wear as well as affecting the performance and safety of your car.
Having your wheels aligned by a professional Bridgestone technician every 6 months or 10,000km will mean that your car will steer truer and deliver better tyre wear. Wheel alignments at Bridgestone Stores are done efficiently with the latest in alignment technology.
Be sure to have your wheel alignment checked every time you change or rotate your tyres.
5. Balancing tyres isn’t an act
A wheel might be out of balance if your car’s steering wheel vibrates when you’re at speed.
Unbalanced tyres can cause a harsh ride, which can lead to unnecessary tyre and suspension wear.
Using the Bridgestone Ultra-Ride System, your local Bridgestone technician can easily correct any imbalance in your tyres. Keeping your car’s tyres properly maintained will more than pay for itself in tyre longevity, performance and safety in the long run.
The information provided here is only a guide, but remember that you can visit your local Bridgestone Store anytime for more friendly advice on how to keep your tyres properly maintained.
To find your local Bridgestone Store visit: https://www.bridgestonetyres.com.au/find-stores (http://clixtrac.com/goto/?178065)
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