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Cars For Hope
21-09-16, 11:10 PM





In automotive racing, communication and teamwork is key. I’m sure we can all relate to watching our favourite racing drivers winning races like they were born with the skill, but between the car, the driver and all of the crew in the pit is a relationship that’s critical.

Communication is just as important off the racetrack. As a community, we’re stronger together and so it’s important to make sure that the people around us are okay. It only takes one conversation to change a life, and the more we talk, the more people are encouraged to seek the help that they need and deserve. ‘Connect, Communicate, Care’ was the theme for World Suicide Prevention Day 2016. It placed a focus on not only starting a conversation about suicide and mental health, but just as importantly, how to start one. After all, most, if not all of us are directly affected by someone who was taken by suicide.

That’s why for #IAMDRIVEN 2016, we teamed up with the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport to help act as a reminder that suicide is everyone’s responsibility. The event was Round 6 of the Shannons Nationals at Phillip Island. There were over 120 racing cars across eight categories competing, and each would be wearing Cars For Hope stickers in support of everyone affected by suicide.

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