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15-10-16, 10:41 AM
Often car enthusiasts will buy a car and not complete their modifications because of lack of funds or worse start using their credit cards and get stuck with finance at a super high interest rate.

Here at HIGHPOWER Finance (http://www.highpowerfinance.com.au/) we want to see you build your dream car, so rather than waiting to save or making the wrong financial choices we can supply you with a personal modification loan to finish building your beloved JDM ride the way you want.

http://i762.photobucket.com/albums/xx270/go2spacebucket/Subaru%20WRX%20Special%20Edition%20Dealership%20Re lease2.jpg~original (http://s762.photobucket.com/user/go2spacebucket/media/Subaru%20WRX%20Special%20Edition%20Dealership%20Re lease2.jpg.html)

So donít wait, get in touch with our automotive lending specialists today, for more information contact [email protected] or you can start a loan application today by filling out this simple form http://www.highpowerfinance.com.au/