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14-11-16, 11:46 AM
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Making sure young Aussie motorists understand the importance of road safety is critical to reducing youth road trauma. If we can achieve that before they get behind the wheel, even better. So, how does your child’s road safety knowledge – or even your own – stand up?

A new study has found that there are some huge (and you might even say scary) holes in youth driver knowledge when attempting to gain a driver’s license. That’s why the RYDA program is so important.

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Run by Road Safety Education Limited (RSE) and supported by us at Bridgestone, almost half a million students across Australia and New Zealand have taken part in the RYDA road safety education program since 2001.

It challenges the way young people think about road safety using what they call “practical and powerful” methods. And guess what? They really work.

The study found that the program is having a huge impact on student drivers, increasing their knowledge of driving risks and reducing risk-taking behaviour by a mile.

After participating in RYDA, the results showed a:

121% increase in knowledge of the relationship between speed and braking distances.
113% jump in awareness of the increased risk of crashing when carrying same-age passengers.
96% increase in knowledge of driver reaction times.
38% jump in awareness of the effect talking on a hands-free mobile has on your cognitive ability.
31% increased knowledge of learner driver crash rates compared with provisional drivers.

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We’re proud to be a partner in RSE’s mission to make driving safer for everyone that travels on Australian roads. And when we see results like these, how could we not be?

For more information about the RYDA program, check out the Road Safety Education Limited website (http://www.rse.org.au/).


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