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14-01-08, 04:38 PM
Hello,my name is Gavin!I joined up after the skid pan day at Oran on the 5th.

I own a fairly heavily modified 1JZ/R154/MX83 cressida.Some of you may have seen it on the day in different forms as it changed appearance througout the day.It used to have an immaculate interior aqnd was a nice street car.Since i recently got booked for various scallywag behaviour i will be losing my licence for a year and i decided to transform it into a drift/track car only.So i sold the mint interior and stripped the sound deadening from the car.

It still has a ways to go but it is sporting the 1J,a 5sp R154 box,
Exedy 1200kg full button clutch,
extreme lightened flywheel,
cusco 2way LSD,
lowered king springs[40%stiffer]and near new KYB's,
Kmac 27mm front sway bar,21mm rear,
normally runs 17's with 225's all round.
In the mumbo department
stock turbos [running 17psi]
turbosmart eboost2
tsmart FCD

I just plumbed in the monster cooler back in,as i had to have a standard one for engineering 6 mths ago.I estimate around 200rwkws,its not over the top and probably wont need to be to drift it,but it sure shakes up some unsuspecting skylines,rexy's and the like.for a grandpa's car.

I had a really good time at my first skid pan day on the 5th and hope to go to the next one where i may try to pry myself from the drivers seat and meet some of you guys.Can post pic's but theres not much point in showing what the interior used to look like as it is a different beast now.


14-01-08, 05:47 PM
Welcome Gavin, It was nice to meet you at oran park. You were cutting sik all day!!! You cressie is a beast!

14-01-08, 05:54 PM
welcome!! My first cars were grandes! Love them!

formatting your intro will be easier to absorb :)

16-01-08, 10:30 AM
welcome!! My first cars were grandes! Love them!

formatting your intro will be easier to absorb :)

lol yes i agree... my eyes are spinning...

meanwhile, i missed oran park :( had work. But did hear about your cressie :) top stuff buds!

welcome to the forum! :)

16-01-08, 12:07 PM
OK,sorry guys.was in a bit of a hurry at work an im a noob with PC's andkey boards and the like.I guess you can tell i dont work in an office job.heh,heh.I work as a tennis coach and have done for around 11 years.

I will edit the intro when i get a chance,so it is easier to take in.