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22-02-17, 08:48 PM
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Over the next eight years, Bridgestone Australia will be spreading Olympic Games fever and encouraging Aussies to achieve their dreams and work towards their own personal best.

The Games bring together the world’s leading athletes, and hundreds of millions of spectators who watch in awe and cheer as they represent their home countries.

We at Bridgestone think we have a pretty good idea about what goes into delivering a great performance and we have a unique empathy for what it takes to become the world’s best.

Just as we invest millions of dollars in research and thousands of hours in testing to create the perfect tyre, Olympic athletes give everything – blood, sweat, tears and all – to deliver their best performance.

Both require absolute dedication, commitment and conviction.

We’re thrilled to be involved in such a huge and exciting global event and are looking forward to carrying out a number of Olympic-related initiatives throughout the next eight years.

The Olympic partnership is one of many initiatives that Bridgestone is implementing to ensure our brand extends beyond just tyres to supporting the community.

As part of The Olympic Partner (TOP) Program, Bridgestone will be among other leading brands with exclusive global sponsorship rights.


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