View Full Version : [Vic] Seeking plumber/gasfitter and electrician to hook up Cafe Grip.

29-02-08, 07:28 AM
Hola lads n ladies.

As most of you know, I'm involved in a project called Cafe Grip ( http://www.cafegrip.com ), and we're opening an outdoor cafe in Burwood (Vic), with a specific focus on car enthusiasts. We don't claim to be the first; Garage Cafe obviously beat us to the idea, and probably many before them as well. But we believe it's going to be great, and we're pretty keyed up about it.

What we're looking for right now is both a plumber/gasfitter to hook up our water access and gas equipment (gas running from tanks, water running from mains), and an electrician to set power to the site. The facility is a portable box fitted out as a kitchen - not unlike the boxes you see on construction sites where the temporary offices and lunch rooms are housed - so the walls are simple sandwich panels. Hopefully this means the job would not be an especially complicated one.

Obviously we can seek these services through the normal channels; Yellow Pages, recommendations of friends and family, et cetera, but we want to have as much of the project's work undertaken by fellow car enthusiasts. That doesn't mean that we're expecting any sort of discount purely because we share an interest, though obviously we're looking for the best service and price we can find - that's just common sense haha.

So if any of you lads are plumbers/gasfitters or electricians (and we're happy to talk to suitably skilled/capable 3rd/4th year apprentices who want to make a bit of cash on the side), we'd love to hear from ya.

Shoot an email to [email protected] expressing your interest in visiting the site and providing a quote, and we'll go from there.

Cheers all.

29-02-08, 11:47 PM
Give my electrician mate Tony Lofaro at Rescue Electric a call - 0416 106 466. He did my home theatre rewiring a couple of days ago and is coming back to do downlights & external lights in a few weeks. Top quality work, fully qualified, commercial and residential and he's a ricemaster like myself, used to be in WRXs too. Tell him "Tim the dentist" gave out his number :)

Don't forget to give my uncle (John) a call at New Star Pacific, 11 Trade Place Vermont (next door to HyperTech and opposite Top Performance) 9873 2888 for asian foods, lollies, drinks (Calpico etc), beer (Corona, Heineken, Asahi etc) etc at less than wholesale price!

01-03-08, 08:07 AM
Thanks for the tip Tim! And yeah, definitely gotta get on to your uncle re. asian goodies :D

03-03-08, 12:12 PM
yeah, definitely gotta get on to your uncle re. asian goodies :D

asian goodies are usually known to be quiet small..
whatever makes you happy :P

03-03-08, 08:57 PM
Well, our asian goodies are housed in a huge warehouse...

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I'm usually not there, but ask for John, Swan or Julia and say Tim sent you :)

New Star Pacific, 9873 2888, 11 Trade Place Vermont, Vic 3133, opposite Brentford Square.