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04-04-08, 02:54 PM
Ok so I've decided to get off my ass and start updating my portfolio and try and get into Graphic Design at Tafe next semester/year or something similar.


This was something that I did about 2 days ago that started out as test but turned out better then I expected and decide to use it as a portfolio peice. I'm almost finished with it but here's the prob as I'm not sure to leave it as it is or do I do something with the background as it looks kinda flat and not eye catching enough???

So any suggestions from you guys who are graphic designers would be greatly appreciated. I was thinking of something to those GTA promo/loading screens.

Cheers ;)

04-04-08, 03:25 PM
Stick some kind of wallpaper design in the background.



04-04-08, 03:29 PM
The skintones/shadows appear too dark, especially around the facial region.
+1 for wallpaper like van said.

04-04-08, 03:32 PM
ooohh... dont forget perspective shadow on wallpaper either :) Good idea Van!

04-04-08, 03:35 PM
I reckon some sort of bedroom scene could be a goer.

If you were to the trouble of her laying on a bed and recreating a room like this behind her with the ocean out the window. Would be a bit of work but I think it would be well worth it and would look sensational.


04-04-08, 03:59 PM
Either or... she's a hot cartoon! Amazing stuff mate.

04-04-08, 04:01 PM
needs more cleavage

04-04-08, 04:44 PM
agreed on the shadowing on the face/forehead area. You've confused where the light is coming from and the shadow is contradicting on the left/right of the forehead. Also looks like she has a black eye as you've done too much..

Hair needs slightly more texture and a different tone as it looks like the skin tone (could have been a similar original colour) but a defined colour would look good as a contrast.

Definately give the background a workover, as mentioned a wallpaper would suit the style perfect. Maybe add colour to clothes?? White is never good on a finished canvas.

EXPERIMENT!!!!! have difffernt versions layed out on screen in front of you and you will learn from there..

Lastly, great effort for someone who is trying to get into the field, you have what it takes! just apply it :)

04-04-08, 04:49 PM
Here is what I would suggest:

Taper your lines that do not end at another line
The shadow on the right eye confuses me compared to the heavy shadow on the left side
Use a simple gradient background/pattern
Introduce different line weights