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FD3s Rx-7 Mazdaspeed R-Spec (SERIES 8's only)
The "R" in R- Spec means racing. Mazdaspeed's club racer was the final Mazdaspeed version for the FD. Unfortunately the prototype's sleek lights were dumped from the production parts list and the rear wing was reduced in size for street legality, but there are some nice bits that appear on this version.
The lightweight Mazdaspeed RAYS MS01 alloys are awesome and they are just the starting point. Changes to most engine, footwork and drivetrain components are there but go unseen against the agressive body styling. The deep front splitter and rear diffuser work very well as tests in the wind tunnel proved this car can generate down force. Front canards enhance the package further. The carbon bonnet is painted on top but underneath still reveals the fibres the everyone wants to see. a couple of extra vents in this version distinguish it from the GT-C bonnet.

Inside the famous carbon dash remains with the Blue Mazdaspeed dials reading off the boost rev and speed levels. Blue Leather Recaro style seats in the mazdaspeed tradition adorn the incumbant with great support. Unfortunately, the price of Mazdaspeed parts is very restrictive, with the bonnet costing about 380000 yen alone. Therefore finding a fully tuned R-Spec is a rarity, even in Japan. For the ultimate late model street FD that you can live with everyday and enjoy with reliability on the odd track excursion. This is the one, but it will definately be expensive.


FD3s Rx-7 Mazdaspeed GT-Concept (SERIES 8's only) Like D CUPS Yo!
In 1999, the new shape Fd hit the streets and Mazdaspeed had its special version to continue the tradition of Mazda's reliable street tuning.
The previous version II had those wierd front driving lights that you either love or hate and the GT-Concept continued the striking front treatment with large air openings for radiator, intercooler and oil coolers. The standard 99 spec indicators are still there, however hidden beneath a dark perspex cover, that extends from the oil cooler openings. With all this extra air finding its way into the under bonnet cavity, some vents in the bonnet allow some of it to escape, albeit with a higher temperature.

Trying to emulate the GT300 racers, this car had a very low stance, Magnesium RAYS wheels, and enough aero additions to totally change the appearance. The rear valance has a nice little hole for the exhaust but really performs no useful function. The small GT Wing creates downforce and opens up the lines of the rear without sacrificing the functional downforce needed.

Clutch, suspension, brakes and engine setting were all changed for the street through off-the-shelf parts from the Mazdaspeed catalogue. Interior received touches like the Mazdaspeed Logo emblazened seats to the carbon dash pannels and white face dials.

An aggressive looking car with boosted performance, perfect panel fit and a warranty supplied by the dealer. What more could you want.


FD3s Rx-7 Type RZ (SERIES 8's only) 125 produced in Japan ever
The 2000 year model Fd type RZ was the true 10th anniversary version of the FD. A celebration of the model with loads of extras that really had everyone wanting. Bilstein, BBS, Nardi and Recaro are all names that mean style and elegancethat are associated with the pinacle of motor vehicle tuning. They had appeared on the Fd before, however not with this flamboyance.

The first thing you notice is the very rare pearl white paint that only adorned half of the Rz Models. Then the 17 inch Gun metallic BBS alloys grab your attention. A little look near the door shows the RZ logo and it leads you inside. Red Recaro carbon Kevlar bucket seats strike your attention, red stiched leather and white face dials also differ from your regular Fd. The passenger gets a footrest to push more firmly in the seat and the driver gets small bolsters on the drivers door and center console. A grey finish to the dash adds real appeal also.

Cosmetics aside, the car has a complete overhaul. Suspension and exhaust are all non-standard items. The bilsteins bite hard and work well with the Potenza S-07 tyres and the extra power on tap really hits hard. For a showroom special, the Rz has the few extra touches that will have you taking a second look.

Retailing at 3,998,000 really places it as an expensive car in Japan, but tuning a regular one to the same level would cost a lot more indeed. Although the spec sheet says 280ps, on the dyno most Rz's reveal somewhere more like the equivilant of 320ps.


FD3s Rx-7 Type SP (Australian made! SERIES 6 and 7's? -35 produced)
The1992-94 Bathurst 12 Hour races were dominated by the FD3s Rx7 and the legend continued with the SP version. So proud were Mazda Japan that they began to market the Type RB Bathurst heavily and it appeared with a little sticker of the track on the side. The track is awesome and the SP is equally good.

Mazda Australia developed the SPecial with most areas imporved. As this was a production class event, the rules dictated that at least 25 specials must be in production. The RX-7 SP conceived by Allan Horsley in 1995, built 35 cars in two batches. 25 then 10 more to meet demand both of equal specs. 28 extra kilowatts more came from a beautiful carbon intake housing and piping, a free flowing exhaust and a larger intercooler.

Air-conditioning was optional and it was 90kg lighter. The non fade brakes were huge 294mm discs with special calipers with ABS while the tyres were odd-sized 235/45 and 255/40 17 inch BBS items. A front bumper with splitter, large high rear wing, aluminium vented bonnet and some special stickers completed the package. But there is one item that will hurt your wallet at every fill up. A 110Litre Carbon Fuel tank! But you get pretty good range. All this stuff was aimed at reducing the number of pit stops required in the 12 hour event. But alas in more recent days, the banning of the rotary in competition continues.

Priced at a $100,000 on the road, this was by far the most expensive Mazda ever sold in Australia. Saw one for 50K recently and it looked original but very tired. Still worth considering as a true collectible.


FD3s Rx-7 'SPIRIT R' (SERIES 8's only) 1500 Produced & the very last of the RX7's
Last Limited-Production Model of Mazda RX-7 'Spirit R' Unleashed
- It boasts the best driving performance in its history featuring enhanced braking
system and lightweight bucket seats -

Mazda Motor Corporation announced the launch of three models in the RX-7 "Spirit R," a limited-production series of the RX-7 rotary engine sports car. As the final limited-production series of the RX-7.

The third-generation RX-7, first launched in 1991, has a particularly distinctive exterior design. Its lightweight, compact and high-output rotary engine enables the driver to feel superb driving pleasure. Epitomizing Mazda's spirit of sports car, the RX-7 has won popularity among the customers since its 1978 launch. Mazda envisions the production of the current RX-7 model (FD-3S) to come to an end in August 2002.

The Spirit R series is available in three models: the Type A, a two-seater with a five-speed manual transmission; the Type-B, a four-seater with a five-speed manual transmission; and the Type-C, a four-seater with a four-speed automatic transmission. All three models are equipped with common interior and exterior features, such as BBS-manufactured 17-inch wheels, red brake calipers, and interior panels with a special soft coating, while each model shows off its own equipment to make a difference from the other.

The Type-A Spirit R is a two-seater model fitted with the Recaro-made exclusive red full bucket seats. These lightweight seats reduce the overall chassis weight of the vehicle by approximately 10 kg. Braking performance is enhanced through the use of large drilled type ventilated disk brakes for all four wheels and high rigid stainless mesh brake hoses. The Type-A Spirit R model is the ultimate RX-7, boasting the most outstanding driving performance in its history.

Applicable to any model of the Spirit R, five outer panel colors including Titanium Gray Metallic are available.

1,500 units of the RX-7 'Spirit R' series are sold only in Japan.


The UK Scene is still in its infacy but its begining to thrive on low priced imports that are flooding the market free of restriction. Not uncommon for a 2500 pound car to be found screaming for the attention of a HUGE turbo addition.

Breaking free from the Super touring 2.0litre phenomenon that previously embraced Brittan, the abundance of horsepower is becomming addictive. The move to host the rotorstock event is also increasing the profile of the rotary which has really grown in the last three years. Add D1UK to the mix and we are beginning to see a really good mix of street, show, drag, drift and race cars that all get driven.


USA Scene
Carbon and Chrome, this is the USA. Big power and bling, silicon valley and silicon implants. the tuning world of steriods and surgery where anything goes and freedom of expression rules.

3rotors on the road. Options by Pettit racing produce probably the ultimate road going seven. with 500hp and bags of torque on tap you can take on any corvette you like. As long as you can put up with the ugly rear fenders it could be a real option. Peter farrel has also been around for a while and his accomplishments on the Pikes Peak hill climb take the FD to new territory. I guess for a while now the Americans have been shoving small V8's and adding Cubic inches to the rotary. I guess its in their blood.

The tuning scene throws fuel costs to the weeds and big power rules the day, any way you can get it. With little Turbo experience, like in Austrlaia with it's v8 heritage, these modifications seemed warranted. But these days as D1 places a heavy influence, as well as the tokyo drift experience. Somehow the Veilside FD will seem right at home in America. Wild custom lines that show no trace of the original machine underneath sits well with the American culture of making the FD their own. As more and more companies provide rip off copies of Japanese originals maybe the scene will change but if bigger is better, you can't get more that a big, fat wide body FD with a boat load of power. I love it.


Japanese Scene
The Japanese tuning culture is one where the influence of the street cannot be ignored. Little regulation in the early 80's and 90's paved the way for street racing and the creation of more than one Japanese race driver. Couple this with a huge population and many car owners wanting to be original, the Japanese Domestic Market or JDM created small, powerful cars that drivers could enjoy on the streets. When Ama-san transplanted a rotary into a kei car, he started to battle Porsche 930 Turbo's on the tomei expressway, truely the stuff of legends.

When the government imposed its so called 280hp limit, manufacturers produced vehicles that easily achived this limit. These cars, including the FD rx7, formed a great starting point for tuning. With stock vehicles having so much useable power, and without requiring big heavy V8's, the turbo culture became king and the TwinTurbo FD was seen right at the top with the Twin Turbo GTR. Tuning houses simply removed the 180kph limiters and went ballistic.

These days as regulations increase, the new cars of the 00's are a little less exciting. The Rx8 simply doesnt have the punch of a good 15 year old FD. Although chassis technology has improved, the FD is still a weapon in the hands of a good driver. RWD is not a massive disadvantage for the Rx7 that can hold great mid corner speeds.

So from a street tuning culture where Semi-Slick S-tyres for the street are almost mandatory, and a mountain based Drift culture combine with the Mountain monsters of the Touge. you get something quite special.

More and more, its the circuit that's remaining as the only real option for fast driving, so tuning also seems to be heading in that direction. But until they kick em off the streets, I'll see you on the C1 Shutoko.
http://superstreetonline.com/featuredvehicles/130_0310_01z+2001_Mazda_RX_7+Right_Hand_Drive_Driv er_Side_Front_View.jpg
http://superstreetonline.com/featuredvehicles/130_0310_08z+2001_Mazda_RX_7+Right_Hand_Drive_Pass enger_Side_Rear_View.jpg


Australian Scene
The Austrlaian tuning scene and the show scene are almost one in the same. With limited numbers of cars on the road and the extremely high price of FD Rx-7s, the rotary scene has merged into a street cruise, drag, show culture with very little emphasis on driving. Finding a JDM style FD in Australia is like looking for a perfect woman. The police are everywhere and it basically means you polish your car and cruise around. Proving you have 400hp is done from a single set of lights to the next. That's it.

So what are the good parts of the OZ scene. Well FD's still have a legendary status since the Bathurst 24hr wins and the SP special editions that conquered there. They are unavailable for cheap import which keeps re-sale high and as we all know an FD is an awesome machine. These cars are quick. Huge Turbonetics turbines and FMIC setups fueled by the mighty Aussie Microtech ECU. Thats about your only option. Choice is something we don't have but what we got aint bad. Exhaust tuning is always custom with most stainless mandrel bend systems reaping huge power gains. You will always find a flexible joint and a cat on an Aussie exhaust system. They just make sense.

The show influence brings 19 and 20inch rims on most examples and suspension is always LoW. Bodywork is usually near stock but perfect paint is a big expense. The cost of importing parts is restrictive with a front bar from Japan costing around $2000aud. Interior re-trimming in tan leather is almost compulsory but does look and feel awesome. Older cars like the Rx3 enjoy monster status down under and they are simply tuned the same way. 9, 10 or 11 seconds over the quarter is not unusual for a rotary streeter. Beware.

If cruising and drag racing is for you, then Australia is the place to be.
Hmmn, hate the front bar on SO FAT, he shoulda just forked out the $$$$ on a Series 8 stock front bar instead of modifying the Series 6 front with the S8 combo lights, note S6 fronts "FROWN" and S8 fronts "GRIN"
Danny's FD definetly belongs in the US scene, crazy over the top, influence built by the JGTC's in the Hyper Rev magazine.
LUSHES looks VERY similar to DEFRO
DEFRO aka RXWEAPN aka RU CUT below
BTW - this FD above was auctioned off recently and sold for $18,400 - t'was reposessed!

SO WHICH STYLE DO YOU PREFER? UK style? US Style? J Style? or OZ Style? :lol: or Doggy Style!

Im biased :lol: love UK, US and Jap.....not a fan of the Big Aussie bling...but a fan of the JDM GT-Wing!

THANKS AGAIN to RUSS! Research Legend!!!!
Atleast in this forum people can appreciate this information :D

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i love the rotary's. it's a pity that the cost of owning a good example is so high.

28-07-06, 10:51 PM
What a great read =)
I soooo want one now... :roll:


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j style all the way, typical aus style is digusting with all the grosse chromies and paintjobs

29-07-06, 01:52 AM
j style all the way, typical aus style is digusting with all the grosse chromies and paintjobs

I'll get you a bucket. :D

I mean there's a time and place for aesthetics, but, I don't wanna see naked chicks on cars. That's what a porno mag exists for.

29-07-06, 05:26 PM
j style all the way, typical aus style is digusting with all the grosse chromies and paintjobs

I'll get you a bucket. :D

I mean there's a time and place for aesthetics, but, I don't wanna see naked chicks on cars. That's what a porno mag exists for.

what's wrong with naked chics on cars?? i loouuvve it

Justin Fox
29-07-06, 05:40 PM
So pretty in stock form even. Definitely shaped on the female body!

29-07-06, 05:54 PM
j style all the way, typical aus style is digusting with all the grosse chromies and paintjobs

I'll get you a bucket. :D

I mean there's a time and place for aesthetics, but, I don't wanna see naked chicks on cars. That's what a porno mag exists for.

what's wrong with naked chics on cars?? i loouuvve it

real naked chicks, ok,
airbrushed, no good.

I mean, sure, whatever u like, fine, as long as ur happy.

But i mean, this car makes me feel sick...


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this is awesome, although, the clear turn signal makes it reminicent of an nsx.

29-07-06, 10:58 PM
Hey!! Good job, bro. FD is awesome when it gets RE kits

Middle Man
30-07-06, 12:52 AM
Best RX7 IMO....personally i would change the wheels....


And the 'Carbon Creations' RX7 in the states:


31-07-06, 11:18 AM
that car that was auctioned off looks like BAR B7's old car with the new owner airbrushing that on

31-07-06, 02:03 PM
Best RX7 IMO....personally i would change the wheels....


Best RX7 IMO!!!


31-07-06, 03:31 PM
yeah thats one of the hottest ones ever..

31-07-06, 03:47 PM
A nice guide to rx7. well done

31-07-06, 03:49 PM
Damn I miss my rotor :(

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best thread ever! :D 8)

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oz style yo'

fully sick chromies represent'n the world y0'

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US / Japan scene pics updated..ye yeh YO!


JDM Lover
03-10-06, 02:07 PM
i hate the shots with the ridiculas paint jobs and huge chrome rims

03-10-06, 05:40 PM
hmmm... i reakon j style 4 sure. i love real naked chiks on cars lol. Denka's spot on!!! heheh. any form of air brushing doesn't do it for me. And chromes are a no no. Although they do look good on some cars... just what ever does it for you?

JDM Lover
04-10-06, 03:31 PM
j style all the way, typical aus style is digusting with all the grosse chromies and paintjobs

I'll get you a bucket. :D

I mean there's a time and place for aesthetics, but, I don't wanna see naked chicks on cars. That's what a porno mag exists for.

I agree on that..it should be a law to put huge chrome rims and horrible paint jobs on great cars(Rx-7 ect.) lol

mr r32 m
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don't post these man, its hard enough to resist the urge to swap from 200 to rx7!

nice read though


mr r32 m
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just further to my last post, what is it with OZ rx owners of FD's, are they on gay pills or what???

I'm sorry if this is just me, but everytime I see an FD with 20" or even just chromies (ala tempe style) I just wanna cry. you've just ruined mazda's tuning philosophy behind the rx7 by adding 400KG worth of ugly rims


06-10-06, 02:00 AM
I want an FC :|

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Found some more info about the Series 8 at NS.com (of all places I know!)


For those interested in RX7 FDs, here is a little extra infomation.

Version 5 99/00(Black gauges, Nardi Steering wheel, twin airbags..engine, computer, turbo, cooling and body refinements over Series7/Version IV)

RB (Auto 255PS) Base Model.
RB S-Package Rear spoiler, ZR rated tyres, foglamps, suade seats

280PS: (abraidable seal turbo)
Type-R 16" wheels, ZR rated tyres, 2 oil coolers, front strut brace, dark tint rear glass, suade seats.
Type-RS Same as Type R except 17" wheels, Bilstein suspension, larger brakes, foglamps, 4.3 diff.

Version 6 01/02 White gauges-chrome rings, flying M Nardi steering wheel, electronically controlled braking distibution, clutch interlock mechanism, rubber knit fabric. 2002 models also have 16bit ABS computer.

265 PS:
RB (Auto 255ps) Base Model.
RB S-Package Rear spoiler, ZR rated tyres, foglamps, suade seats

280 PS: (abraidable seal turbo)
Type-R 16" wheels, ZR rated tyres, 2 oil coolers, front strut brace, dark tint rear glass, lux suade seats.
Bathurst-R 500 Limited edition with decals. Same as Type R with adjustable shocks, carbonfibre gearknob/handbarke/dash surrounds and door pieces. Available in Pure White, Innocent Blue Mica and Sunburst Yellow
Type-R Bathurst Same as Type R with foglamps, adjustable shocks.
Type-RS Same as Type R except 17" wheels, Bilstein suspension, larger brakes, foglamps, 4.3 diff
Type-RZ 175 Limited edition with decals. Same is type RS except Snow White pearl mica only, red Recaro's (2 seat), red stitch Nardi wheel, gear knob and handbrake, dark grey 17" BBS wheels, drivers knee pad & passenger foot brace.

Spirit-R 1500 Same as Type R with 17" BBS wheels, red brake calipers and strut brace, red stitch on wheel,gear knob and hand brake, special soft coating on interior trim, Spirit R badging on body, tacho, and engine bay. In addition to the other shades new colour Titanium Grey Metallic for Spirit only.
Type A Red Recaro's (2 seat), uprated Bilsteins, stainless mesh brake hoses, drilled disks, gunmetal grey BBS's, drivers knee pad & passenger foot brace.
Type B Red leather seats, uprated Bilsteins, stainless mesh brake hoses, drilled disks

Courtesy of Jims6 Austrotary.com

Infomation regarding some Changes in the S8 over the previous models.

S8 changes

Body 10 mm shorter due to new front bumper
Integral number plate holder
Bigger mouth in bumper
Better air ducting for intercooler, air box 2.1, oil cooler 1.8, brake cooling duct 1.6 times bigger
Lip spoiler with integral canards
Combination lamps added
New Rear wing adjustable attack angle 1~14.5 deg
Fog lamps changed 35W to 55W
New 17" wheels 6.72kg, 0.48 lighter
Tyre changed expedia S07 to potenza S07
Rear glass tinted
Mazda badge changed
Engine power up 280ps
2500 rpm less torque, 5000 rpm more torque
Front pipe thinner bigger inner diameter
Muffler changed 10% less back pressure and quieter
Turbos changed exhaust wheels smaller 51mm to 50mm
Compressor abraidable seals added
Boost up 0.62 > 0.74 bar
Bigger Radiator
Changed oil metering
25% less power steering force and check valve added
Suspension more mild damper changed from 297M to 149M
Suspension settings changed
Front toe in from 51 mm to 2 mm, angle 0.6 to 0.12
Chamber from 0.06 to -0.06
ABS program changed
Angled brake ducting
Brake backing plates changed
Wheels centre cap changed
Passenger airbag
Sports gauges smaller
Steering wheel nardi with airbag
oil pressure gauge changed to boost gauge
Rev needle changed to 6:00
Vintage Red
Highlight silver metallic
Brilliant Black
Chaste White
Innocent Blue mica

Courtesy of Jims6 Austrotary.com

Infomation about colours for the S8.

the colors in series 8 are:

version V (98-00)
* vintage red (same as s6, despite common misconceptions)
* highlight silver metallic (different to s6 silverstone metallic)
* brilliant black
* chaste white
* innocent blue mica

version VI (00-02)
* vintage red
* highlight silver metallic
* brilliant black
* pure white (different to above)
* innocent blue mica

the Spirit-R had a unique colour in its range -
* titanium grey

the Type-R Bathurst R had a unique colour in its range -
* sunburst yellow (actually, this was also used in series 7 (version IV) for the anniversary special - RS-R)

the RZ was only available in a unique colour -
* snow white pearl mica

Courtesy of daioni Ausrotary.com. More infomation and pictures available from link:

24-05-07, 03:20 PM
i like the pink ones.. !



Trolls Royce
24-05-07, 08:19 PM
I was of the understanding that there were nearer to 100 SP RX7's built.

These things are pretty horn. I took a pic of a mates one today. I'll try and upload it soon.

24-05-07, 09:27 PM
Is that Marcus' white one? SPII? (yes not just an SP but an SPII!)

Trolls Royce
27-05-07, 10:35 PM
No, it's not the "SPII".

The SPII was never officially produced. It was just a concept that was put together for the Motorshow as far as I was aware. When it was developed, it was at a point where the sales figures on the RX7 were dismal. There was no way they could have sold the cars if they had developed them.

Anyway, it's Green SP. I think it has as exhaust, a Power FC and a set of aftermarket BBS wheels. Looks quite trick.

20-08-07, 11:38 PM
**Blue FD says to Spirit R "He must be stuck in 3rd"** :lol:

Who says you need a guard roller when you can hammer it out :lol:
Nice 10inches at the front on a track car :shock: 8) 8)
Blue FD with Panspeed 50mm rears and little flared fronts to fit notice the cracks

TK-Sports 50mm rears - This Signal FD has actually TK Sports front fenders too in the RAYS Wheels 2006 Catalogue

This FD is done nice, love the tyres

Very tasty in White


21-08-07, 12:02 AM
Great read chester!

I think Australia’s rx7 scene seems to be a bit of a let down!

But hopefully some properly modified rx7's will hit the scene soon! ;)

Breathe some fresh air into all the bling and leather.

21-08-07, 12:04 AM
Oh...did you get this one Chesta:


21-08-07, 12:05 AM
damn...unbelievable cars!!! Still, id take that Supra :P

21-08-07, 08:54 AM
Oh...did you get this one Chesta:


WOW :shock:

that's the first ive ever heard of the "M2 1020"

21-08-07, 09:25 AM
I reckon my wife would just love being seen driven around town in that car. :rolleyes:


21-08-07, 10:23 AM
I reckon my wife would just love being seen driven around town in that car. :rolleyes:



thanks for wrecking the FD thread with that ugly ride




21-08-07, 11:12 AM
07/07/07 Seven's Day Japan

21-08-07, 11:12 AM

21-08-07, 11:13 AM