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01-12-06, 01:19 PM
Well ive been here alil bit now so i thought i better post up a couple pics, its nothing all that special its my everyday car to and from work.

The first pic was a lil while back before i sold off the rims and got the plates that you see in pic 2, atm just rolling around the 13 inch stockos :( but they will be replaced later on with some neat wheels. Oh its also got a Ford Seirra cosworth bonnet vent above where the pod filter is. Looking for the MR side skirt like henrys, and ive also got a MR front bar in the garage waiting to be painted.


As ive mentioned in other thread ive got myself a 4G93 (1.8l) from a lancer to be fitted, ive also got a T28 turbo sitting here that im considering using along with an adaptronic ecu and other assorted goodies, but now im starting to think different, everyone is getting turbos these days, i might just go for a nice lil N/A motor not after huge power but any extra would certainly move the 935kg mirage along alot better than the old 1.5l. So i will know in about a week or two after i look into it more so i can get it started soon before its in the car.

This is the terrible interior, bit of a story, no carpet.....a while ago i had the heater core die and for two or 3 days of topping up the water and then realising the floor was wet, by then the original carpet was stuffed. Ive got a new Super Plush moulded carpet from knox carpet to install but really atm, i cbf with carpet.

Also a pair of Aerotech seats, a short shifter with GREX shift knob, Apexi RSM, tv hooked up to xbox loaded with about 12 gb of music so no need for cds anymore (soon to be removed from car), along with a custom moulded xbox controller in the centre console for easy use of media centre while driving. Some shitty steering wheel that is leaving soon, no need to talk about that POS. Doran pro audio made me some custom door trims and kick panel that house 2 sets of jaycar 6.5 inch kevlar splits (thinkin about ditching).

So there it is its not a great car by any means but it has served me well and will continue to do so, ive got untill june 30th to fnish work on it as from july 1st im going to start looking to buy a house.

If its that bad i wont put the JDMST.com stickers on so i dont give people the wrong impression :P

01-12-06, 03:23 PM
good on ya man, totally different. I agree that steering wheel is an absolute abomination, apart from that, its cool. I'd also get rid of the stereo if i was you - buy a nice car down the track and put all that gear into it.

nice work

01-12-06, 07:44 PM
that looks like it's a big engine for the engine bay.. is it going to look really full once it is in?

keep up the good work

01-12-06, 08:18 PM
damn, that's no normal lancer 1.8L 4G93. Its a GDI engine which never see lights in aus. Should be interesting

04-12-06, 04:14 PM
What power does this 'GDI' version put out?

Don't be soft, stick the T28 on the side of it :D

04-12-06, 04:31 PM
damn, that's no normal lancer 1.8L 4G93. Its a GDI engine which never see lights in aus. Should be interesting

U AINT WRONG THERE! They're available in current Model Lancers in Japan ... around 120kw from memory.

04-12-06, 07:40 PM
Ataraxia, dont worry mate the turbo is already for sale, my mind is set and i should get decent results from the N/A set up, i spoke to Joe @ Hi-comp and we have made plans for what to do with it. :twisted:

04-12-06, 11:39 PM
Ahh fair enough. ;)

Can't complain too much, it's still the mighty 4G93 ;)

26-03-07, 07:15 AM

Was pretty interested in this project.. what happened?

26-03-07, 02:58 PM
The car is up for sale.....


Found a replacement.....