Justin Fox
13-03-19, 09:35 AM

Yup, we’ve gone and done it, FINALLY! We’re now offering free shipping on all orders Australia wide and International orders too. #feelsgoodman

It’s never been about making money. We care much more for the concept of the right people wearing our brand, and you’ve got to admit… adding things to a cart, then seeing a large shipping fee just puts you off, right?! So fuck it, free shipping it is!

We’ve also spent a bit of time in the Shopify backend to get rid of all the marketing and sales gloat (still a work in progress!). We’ve removed the need for minimal orders in order to qualify for free shipping, we’ve deleted a bunch of social media icons, share and pinit functions. We’ve removed the review system and push to sale overlays. We’ve yet to get around to removing afterpay and messenger chat but we’re on it!

Pack and send at the ready, we’re rolling again! The shop is extremely low on stock so be sure to grab what you can whilst you can as we intend to cut down our range and many items will not be re-ordered going forwards.

SHOP: https://shop.zengarage.com.au