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Thread: My Honda CRAZE money pit!

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    My Honda CRAZE money pit!

    Hi Guys, ok so i think its time to share my car progress and my cars i previously owned.

    SO my first car was a Honda Civic with a VTI engine

    I had it for a year and bought stock. Anywaiz moving on i bought a 02 INtegra typeR.

    As seen below which was also bought stock with 18's on them which i ended up selling :

    Alot done to this car was focused on engine and performance though

    I kept this car for 13 months, then bought a Civic coupe EM1 as seen below :

    At the moment the EM1 is still getting worked on! ill update this according to my progress from the first day i bought it. ALot if work has been done to the interior with an EK9 interior taken place..
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    from a type r to a civic means one thing...
    whats hidden under that em1 bonnet mr?
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    EM1 was purchased like this :

    Which i completed a complete interior strip Including the dash, although no pics with dash off, i was in a rush as it was getting late :

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    I worked on the rear to front for interior which panels were changed from grey to black some from ek4/ek9 and some painted

    EK9 Door trims :

    SR4 Recaros :

    New dash :

    New ek9 Climate control

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    Are those photos of the EM1 bad quality, or is that mattte paint. Or is it just prepped for a respray
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    In with the NEW out with the old :

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    EK9 cluster came :

    I also have the EK9 steering wheel but no pics atm

    I apologies for the quality, pics were mostly taken from an iphone. and yes car is prepped to be painted as of this current date, and the EM1 is stock engine wise besides some bolt ons for now
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    Some DIY on rims it came with :

    Then DIY on head lights :

    AND installed the HIDS same time!

    How it looks so far :

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    So after the major stuff done with the interior as u can see i started to work on the outside.

    Although it aint easy!

    heres the prep work before primer:

    ANd damn thats all i have for that bit.. but heres the pics before setting up before primer

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    whoa damm... nice work man..

    can't wait for more updates!
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