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Thread: Proconcept Signatures

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    Proconcept Signatures

    We have had a few cases where JDMST members have indicated that they wish to show Proconcept support by attaching the Proconcept logo as their signature. This thread is a step-by-step guideline on how to attach the Proconcept logo in your signature.

    If you wish to do this, we are more than happy to see that type of support through these forums. We only ask that the signature pic is not modified - within JDMST and other external forums.

    Note: We don't limit your signature to just our logo. You can add on other tags to further personalise your signature if you wish.

    Thanks again!

    Adding Proconcept In Your Signature

    1. Goto your 'User CP' and click on 'Edit Signature'.
    2. Your screen should picture something very similiar to the example below.

    3. Now cut and paste the following text into the 'Your signature:' box
      HTML Code:
      [URL=""][IMG] - Forum Signature.png[/IMG][/URL]
    4. Then click on 'Preview Signature' button.
    5. The Proconcept signature should now be seen in the 'Preview' Box as shown below.

    6. Finally, click on the 'Save Signature' button, and that's it!
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