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Thread: 1975 Celica TA22 1.6litre

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    1975 Celica TA22 1.6litre

    Hey everyone i have for sale a 1975 Toyota Celica TA22 1.6litre completely original car except for mag wheels body fully restored with photographic history.
    This car has 140,000kms but the engine was reconditioned 40,000kms ago.
    It has been fully resprayed in canary yellow and is very rarely driven. Original interior but tidy
    This car has only had 1 prior owner, it is in excellent condition and all repair work has been meticulously performed.
    The car will be sold with a roadworthy and it currently has about 2months rego left and if it is not sold before it expires we will re-register it and add the cost to the total price

    At the moment we are looking at $4200 but feel free to make an offer as we are negotiable.
    Mechanically bulletproof. Car in this condition is as rare as rocking horse shit.
    Vechile owned by mechanic no time wasters or tyre kickers.
    Any questions or enquirys call 0414563940 - David
    Car is located in the south eastern suburbs of melbourne
    But small questions etc just ask me on here
    We reserve the right to withdraw this ad at anytime.
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    hey adam,

    any pics of the interior??
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    manual? location? interior and engine shots?
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    hey guys car is in storage atm it is in storage but will be viewable from kallista from the mt dandenongs.
    Its actually my gf's dad's car. i can tell you the interior is how you would expect from a car thats almost 35, few cracks etc but very tidy. best bet is to call him about it he'll be happy to arrange somethin.

    The car is a manual... thanks
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    dude shoulda bought this instead of the crx

    alot less headaches id imagine
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    haha yeah i offered him a trade lol.
    yeah but his other daughter used to drive it and she really doesnt want them to sell it so it'd be horrible having me rock up in it constantly....
    But yeah as david is a mechanic and a very fuckin good one at that i can guarantee this car will have no problems
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    considering that it's an LT it'll most likely have a 2T engine i'd imagine.
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    dammit... shame its so far away
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    haha yeah it'd be a bit of a hike to come here from sydney. Oh well hopefully there'll be an owner in melbourne who's keen.
    i've only ever seen one other that was even close to this condition that my sis ex bf owned and it went real nice(think he put the 2ltr jap engine in it)
    anyway bump it !!
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    Car sold pending payment
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