Got a karcher pressure washer for sale.
Model number is 620m.
The higher the number, the higher the model.

As a comparison, i recently replaced it with a 520m and that cost $599 at bunnings.
Reason why I changed it is because the 620m, to activate it, you gotta keep ur foot on the power button for it to work. This is a safety feature of the machine.
My problem, the place where i wash my car is on a steep hill. Its getting too hard to step on the button, hold the lance to spray, and keep the machine not rolling down the hill. Its run into my car and scratched it before >< ><

So yea, its a old model, at least 5years old, but it still works perfectly fine and has all the parts that came with it.

As i said, the 520m i just bought costed me $599. This 620m is a higher model which would have costed more, but i'm only asking for $200ono.
I know you can buy a brand new one called winning11 for $99 at bunnings now, but i can assure you the pressure that comes outta that would not be sufficient to clean anything!!
If you reckon its too much, make me an offer and i'll see ^^

Well now, for some photos: