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Thread: Car care tips

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alfred Yeung View Post
    May I ask how you guys keep the waxing pad clean and how long do i have to replace the waxing pad? Because it is always dry up and hard after used just think it might scratch the car paint. For machine and hand applied one. thanks
    Get on e bay and buy 10 of the for $2 from china. I buy them like that throw them oout after each use.

    Or you can head down to supercheap and pick up the meguiars ones. I wouldn't use it more than twice.
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    Driving barefooted was illegal last time i checked?
    Quote Originally Posted by cazSW20 View Post
    Hey thats pretty sweet, spellit out in laymans terms for all the nubs/ people who have never quite gotten their heads around all the complicated aspects of car car.

    Can i add a couple of tips to the list....?

    1. Never get into a car with your shoes on. All it does is mash the soft pile of the floor matts into an uncomfortable and compacted layer of fluff.

    2. Never get into your car after getting filthy nasty with your engine, g/box, or anything greasy.

    3. Use a god damn sunshade cloth thingy when you park the car for long periods in the hot sun...nobody approves of a cracked dash.

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