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Thread: Jimmy's R32 4dr Skyline - Now Running RB20DET

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    Quote Originally Posted by CEF33Y View Post
    Engine bay looks tops! Covers look great. Is that coil pack cover ARC, or home made jobbie?
    It's proper ARC I bought it from Yahoo Auctions Japan before I even considered going RB20 haha. Finally came in good use.

    Here's some pics from the weekend thanks to Joey who was also driving but found some time to photograph as well. My car went great. Survived the ~5hr drive up to Raleigh, had no overheating issues as I initially feared. There's a fair amount of power considering it's basically stock components apart from an R34 turbo.

    Here's one of the only runs I got with Brent before a big end knock became evident.

    He ended up needing a tow home, and also copped EPA and possible fines to come in the mail while broken down at maccas. Michael in his S14 got defected/fined and was not given enough time to get home so he needed a tow as well. Quite a shit end to the weekend.
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