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Thread: INJEN intake system ( Authorised distributor ) *JDMyard*

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    INJEN intake system ( Authorised distributor ) *JDMyard*

    We are INJEN Official Authorised Distributor for Australia

    THE BEST Cold Air Intake IN THE MARKET

    Made in USA!

    We will not be undersold! We will price match/beat any same line CAI in the market ( ABN holder only )

    Wholesaler welcome , just shoot us an email for it.

    "The Injen Technology cold air intake system is a high-performance, dyno-provenCNC mandrel bent 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy. Each Injen cold air intake is carefully engineered for a perfect fit and superior performance. Injen Technology has taken extra measures to ensure that you get what you paid for: extra power, optimum throttle response and quality. Injen has in-house capabilities for bending 2.25",2.50", 2.75" and 3.00" diameter tubes on various bends. Polished intakes for those who are conscious of looks along with horsepower gain. With the use of 1/4" thick 6061 T-6 aluminum and precise CNC machined brackets and adapters, you are guaranteed an exact fit every time. Not only does Injen dedicate themselves to making precise crafted cold air intakes, they also back it with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure a quality intake for years to come.

    Back to back dyno testing here in Australia , Thanks to TODA AU
    Before and after Injen CAI on a completely stock DC5R
    Dyno proven ? Nuff said!!

    Listing of What We carry in stock

    INJEN Filter Hydroshield $50


    FN2 Civic Type R

    EG civic ( sedan / hatch SOHC motor ) $450 incl gst

    EF crx/civic SOHC/ZC $450 incl gst

    DA integra $430 incl gst

    Prelude bb4 $475 incl gst

    Prelude bb6 $475 incl gst

    DC5R $470 incl gst

    DC5 Base Model $455 incl gst

    EP3R $460 incl gst

    GD Jazz $490 incl gst

    Accord Euro CL7 $510 incl gst

    Accord Euro CU2 $540 incl gst

    EK4/EM1(Any EK with B/D series ) $445 incl gst

    Integra DC2 VTIR $440 incl gst

    Integra Type R DC2 Polished $435 incl gst

    Civic FD1 Manual transmission $525 incl gst

    Civic FD2 k20z3 - Manual transmission/Auto
    ( RBC Intake manifold needed! ) $485 incl gst

    S2000 Polished $520 incl gst

    EVO X kit $800 incl GST

    EVO VII to IX kit (intercooler piping incl) $800 incl GST

    Subaru Impreza 06-07 WRX . 04-07 Impreza STI $525 incl GST

    Subaru Impreza 02-06 WRX 04 STI
    $500 incl GST

    Nissan 350z 03-06 $565 incl GST

    Honda Accord Euro Cu2

    Honda Civic Type R FN2 CAI


    Accord Euro CL7

    EK4/EM1/EG6 Bseries Polished

    Integra DC2 VTIR

    Integra DC2 type R


    Honda Jazz

    06-07 Civic FD1

    EP3 Civic Type R

    FD2 K20 Motor - Must run RBC intake manifold

    Prelude BB4

    Prelude BB6

    EG civic 92-96 ( SOHC motor )

    EVO X

    EVO VII to IX

    Subaru Impreza 06-07 WRX. 04-07 Subaru Impreza STI

    Subaru Impreza 02-06 WRX 04 STI

    Nissan 350z 03-06

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    got any CU2 injen in stock?
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    is the CAI to suit ep3 still going for $460?
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    1 x INJEN CAI Honda Integra DC5R - Is it for auto as well or only manual?
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