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Thread: Pioneer Headunit Problem (Error-17)

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    Pioneer Headunit Problem (Error-17)

    Hi everyone,

    Got a problem with my headunit (Pioneer DEH-P6350). I was using it on my drive to melbourne from sydney last sunday. When I arrived, I turned it off and later when I turned it back on it gave me "Error-17". It won't play any CD's at all. I can hear short little blips from the motor trying to spin up a CD and trying to read it. Radio still works, but when I load a CD I don't even get a track number, just a few noises and a blank screen and then "Error-17". I tried removing the positive batt terminal to clear out the settings and reset it that way but it still not working. Also tried a cd len cleaner on it but that was no help and tried multiple types of cds as well.

    Any ideas on what to do or is it fried and I have to get a new HU?


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    Did a quick google search ...

    I had a pioneer deck a few years back that had the same error. Went back to Pioneer under warranty, and they listed it as a fried laser, and was replaced.
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    Thanks Sp33dY. I checked the link already and did what they said but to no avail. I think my lens/laser is fried and since its a few years old already... probably better to just buy a new one unless theres a quick fix or its cheap to fix.

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