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    Bendix Technologies


    Manufactured using a premium grade ceramic formulation for superior noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) control. The benefits are consistent pedal feel, enhanced durability, high fade resistance, reduced noise and vibration, minimal dust and improved stopping performance.
    The vehicle with the competitor brake pads travels over 30m more before stopping compared to the vehicle using Bendix General CT.


    Superior control, extended life. Bendix 4WD/SUV pads are manufactured using EPR (Epoxy-modified Phenolic Resin), a high tech material that bonds the friction material together, even at extreme temperatures. This helps enhance braking performance for 4WD’s and gives longer life.


    Works harder, cooler and longer. Bendix Heavy Duty pads are made from a specifically developed compound to deliver hard working performance for all sorts of load carrying situations, for longer. They feature an insulation layer “Insulayer”, containing natural ceramic particles to assist adhesion of the friction material to the backing plate and prevent heat transfer from the rotor, ensuring a positive pedal feel at high operating temperatures.


    Absolute Stopping Power. Bendix Ultimate is tested using High Performance Certification (HPC). These international standard tests define the highest level of braking performance. Bendix Ultimate has been designed and vigorously examined to these standards with proven reduced stopping distances, excellent pedal feel and tolerance of extreme temperatures to provide total control.

    *Stopping distance (m) from 100km/h with 5 MPa line pressure. “Hot” stopping distance calculated after ten consecutive 0.5g deceleration stops from 100km/h during B8E4-55 D


    Continuing our tradition of category leading innovation, we have developed a new brake pad to deliver whisper quiet braking, silky smooth operation and noticeably less dust.
    The top moving Bendix General CT and 4WD references are now cloaked in STEALTH Advanced Technology.

    Bendix engineers have used high tech laser and dynamometer equipment to study the surface contact between each individual brake pad and rotor, and identified the optimum contact surface area. The result is STEALTH Advanced Technology. These new diamond cut pads have no radial features so they do not sustain vibration from contact between rotor and friction. They are engineered to transfer the calliper force where it is needed, providing the most effective surface contact for unrivalled stopping performance.
    The result is STEALTH: the quietest, smoothest, and cleanest pad we have ever created.ynamometer Standard Performance Test.
    This revolutionary innovation means:
    • Whisper quite braking
    • Noise and vibration virtually eliminated
    • Silky smooth operation
    • Unrivalled stopping performance
    • Noticeable less dust
    • Long wearing
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