Defi Racer Gauges in stock

No control unit needed, plug and play!

Comes in White, Blue or Amber back dial.

-Defi's unique STEP MASTER VS-2 stepping motor for the smoothest of operation
-Ignition initiates the luminescence of the gauge, with high brightness LEDS
-Lightning opening close sequence
-Does not require the Defi Link control unit for use
-These operate independently with electronic sensor wires running to each gauge
-Stepping motor "STEP MASTER VS-2" provides smooth operation.
-Ignition ON initiates self-luminescence gauge.
-Illumination using high-brightness LEDs

Boost $290shipped
Oil Temp $240shipped
Water Temp $240shipped
Oil Pressure $310shipped
Exhaust Temp $310shipped

All prices GST and Duty inclusive

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