We have been quite popular with the Golf community of late and were really glad to receive this lovely Yellow Golf MkV Pirelli for Paint Correction, Protection and a ‘bit of a birthday’ you could say.
Prior history is the car has been always looked after, washed regularly and cared for but unfortunately with family and work duties the customer did not have the time to be able to give it enough love always which has resulted in a few marks and contamination on the paint and slight fading from UV rays.

We started with a long Presoak using a mix of Mint APC & Autobrite Magifoam, applied with the AB Snow Foam Lance, to soften the dirt and grime and to remove any previous products that had been used on the paint. All the intricate areas like the grills, around the badges and door gaps were agitated with a soft brush to help.

The wheels had significant build-up so received a long dwell from Wolf’s Chemicals Decon Gel to allow any brake dust caked on the calipers or wheels to break down gently, this rinsed off and was followed with a strong mix of Autobrite Wheel Brite Gel combined with the bushy Daytona Wheel Brush and Vikan Soft Brush to get in all those type spots. The tyres scrubbed down with a Vikan Wheel & Arch Brush and APC removing any tyre dressing that may be left on and the inner wheel arches/lining were also scrubbed with the same combination.

Below; First clean over, followed with the Mint Detailing Brushes to get through the Lugnuts/caps and tighter delicate areas.

The entire car was then pressure washed off, followed by a wash with Duragloss Wash Shampoo using the 2 Bucket Method – and this is to show you why the 2 Bucket Method makes sense:

Car was then rinsed off and Wolf’s Chemicals Decon Gel was sprayed over the entire car and left for approx. 8-10mins and to our surprise we noticed bleeding dots appeared over the entire vehicle from caked contaminants such as carbon fall out and raildust from daily commuting throughout Sydney.

(Photos above show Decon Gel reacting to the metal contamination over the paintwork! Looks like “bleeding” rain drops almost!)

The paintwork was then Clay Barred using a Dodo Juice Clay Bar and Born Slippy Lubricant to which the usual contaminants came off especially on the roof, bonnet and in this case the rear tailgate which is common for hatchbacks. We also Clay the glass, because of the amount of deposits, with the windscreen and the rear screen both releasing a lot of debris.

The Paintwork was in reasonable condition with the usual wash ‘spiderweb’ marks, water spots and some UV damage from the solid Yellow colour. Below you can see clearly the marks on the paintwork in our Daylight Detailing Bay.

As some may know, the VAG Paints are quite hard paints to work with and this one required a wool pad with Menzerna PF2500, followed with Menzerna PF2500 on an Orange Festool Pad, both on a Rotary Polisher, followed by SF4000 on a Beige Festool Pad on a DAS6 to really induce some gloss. Then we decided to finish off with Wolf’s Chemicals ‘Shine & Seal’ on also a Beige Festool Pad and DAS6 and topped with a coat of Wolf’s Chemicals ‘Body Wrap’.

The tyres Dressed with DG 281 Wet Look Shine to add gloss, the arches with 303 Aerospace Protectant and glass cleaned with Stoners Invisible Glass.

The interior was already very tidy and well cared for which left very little to do, so just dressed with 303 Aerospace Protectant and a quick Vac and blow out of dust was done, with the glass cleaned.

The result was this – to say the paint felt slick was an understatement;