As some of you may know, my lovely silver WRX was destroyed by a slightly unfocussed driver the other day. I plan to honour its memory with a new project.

I am seeking a EG or EK Civic, hatch. Motor, transmission and all things mechanical must be in good condition, but I am happy for the interior to be terrible and paint damage doesn't bother me as both the paint and the interior trim will be going.

If it is VTEC, I would be willing to pay up to $3,500, but if not I am going to do an engine swap so I can't afford as much.

I am looking for an old, worn out, possible damaged car that goes reliably.

Looking to pay $2,000 (max. budget $3,500)

Please don't show me your nice civics you have worked hard on. I am looking for something un-worked on so that:
a) its only worth the $2,000 I am offering and
b) I don't want to destroy anyone's good work

Thanks, looking forward to this build like nothing else