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Thread: JDMST Classifieds Rules - Read before starting a thread

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    JDMST Classifieds Rules - Read before starting a thread

    Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware!) - the onus is on those selling and purchasing items within the classified ads to protect their own interests. This includes a responsibility on the buyer and seller to investigate the transaction (including the state of the goods and reputation of the buyer/seller) to their satisfaction, before depositing funds, sending items or undertaking any other trading activity.

    Classifieds are for contributing JDMST forum members only. The forum will automatically allow you to post items for sale after one month or when you contribute over 50 genuine posts to JDMST. If it's clear that you've spammed JDMST with useless posts just to sell goods, your classified posts and account will be deleted without warning. Any members under this post count and aren't supporting members will have their thread deleted - no exceptions.

    1. 1 Bump/week. Excessive bumping will get your thread locked and/or deleted.
    2. No posting on the behalf of others.
    3. Listing your location in your thread title is mandatory.

    The following examples are acceptable:
    (VIC) Nissan Skyline GTR Turbos
    [TAS] Nissan Skyline GTR Turbos
    NSW - Nissan Skyline GTR Turbos

    4. All listings must use the template below:

    For sale:
    Price and price conditions:
    Contact Details:
    Delivery & Conditions of Delivery:

    If you do not adhere to these guidelines your thread could be deleted without warning.
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