Last week, we held the first ‘Designer Wrap’ Day at Zen Garage. It was a day where the highly skilled guys from 3M Designer Wraps could interact with car owners and show them some simple vinyl wrapping techniques.

A bunch of cars were selected from local automotive communities, all with different bits and pieces to be wrapped, from interior trimmings to body panels. Our neighbours SMOG Car Wraps were also in attendance to give a helping hand!

There was a great vibe throughout the garage, Triple J whispering some tunes and the movement of busy people, cameras and vinyl. We started off with a 2012 Subaru STI, doing the center of the roof in carbon. Next was a Honda EP3 Type R, which got the center console treatment. The owner took apart the necessary bits and then after some trial and error, came up with a perfect finish. 

Andrew’s Toyota Starlet (with all its funky bits) got the roof treatment also and Josh’s R32 Golf got it’s bonnet done as well as interior trim.

All in all, a great day and hopefully the first of many!

For more information Click Here to jump into the 3M Designer Wrap website!

Many more images on Zen Garage: