Our last week before the Xmas/ New Year break. As of the 24th of December, 2012 the Yard will be closed and re-open on the 2nd of Jan,2013.

2013 is going to be massive! Without spilling the beans, EGK24A will be getting a new setup. Our project DC5R will make its track debut (with driver and crew) and development on the DC2R will be put in overdrive. Our customer only private track-days by popular request will be on again and a very anticipated container of goodies is due to arrive with-in the first half of the year. Are we excited? Hells yeah!

We hope everyone has a safe and well long deserve break. Thank you again for the support and we'll see you guys in the new year.

Online orders via EBAY, JDMYARD Online Store, Forum PMs, Emails will need to be finalised by Tuesday, 18th of December COB. Orders after this date will not be processed until the 2nd of January 2013