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Following on from our last Bluetooth post for the Parrot brand we also have the audio version off the hands free kits.

In addition to all the handsfree functions from the Parrot CK3100, the MKi9100 & MKi9200 come with bluetooth audio streaming, plus an iPod cable, USB input & AUX input so that you can play any music device through the Parrot.

This is handy for adding a digital media device to your vehicle if you cannot change the head / source unit.

The only differences between the MKi9100 & the MKi9200 is the display. The MKi9100 has a slimline LED display and the MKi9200 has a larger full colour display!!

MKi9100 : $229 Supply Only or $394 Supplied and Fitted
MKi9200 : $279 Supply Only or $444 Supplied and Fitted

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