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Thread: Should I buy or bail?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mig View Post
    Bought my old 97 prelude with 170,000km. Got an exedy heavy duty clutch straight away and did the timing belt at 200,000km. No major problems til 300,000km. It never missed a meat. Just look out for normal wear and tear items here and there.

    Look after it.

    I spotted a Civic EK D16 at Hannys. 186,000km. Needed a head gasket...oh well.

    edit: Hello from Campbelltown too...see you around
    Naaah, I decided against it, the guy was being really arrogant and rude to my questions and well that summed everything up pretty quickly. Going to look at a clean low kms EK1 sedan today!

    Oh yeah mad! See you around campbelltown!
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    As long as you have not misrepresented your income or employment status, or the current status of your home, there is no problem with buying and bailing. Misrepresenting or falsifying documents is mortgage fraud, whether or not you plan to abandon your current home or even if you do not have a home.To give more satisfactory information on this contact Bail Bonds in California.
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