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The 2012 Real street Boulevard was a huge hit! Now it's time for us to go bigger and better with 200 spots up for grabs!

With over 20,000 car crazy visitors expected at the show, “Real Street Blvd” located outside the front of the venue, attracts huge attention. A maximum of 80 bays (Plus; the closed off street!) are reserved each day exclusively for ‘Real Street’ vehicles that will create a huge impact so don’t miss your chance to get the best VIP parking to the show.

Entry fee for Real Street is $40 and includes your entry ticket to MotorEx.

As a participant of Real Street, you receive:

• A prime position car space out the front of the entry to MotorEx
• $5.00 off buddy pass admission tickets (Max 2)
• Entrant discount on show T Shirt
• An extra 20% off the already 20% discounted items on the Meguiar’s stand.

All entries must be submitted to the respective days for final approval;

To enter Saturday ALLSTARS visit (subject to selection):

As an entrant to Real Street, and in order to create the maximum impact, we do require the following:

• Your car must enter Real Street between 9.00am and 10.00am (show opens at 10).
• The Real Street display remains in place until 4.00pm after which cars can depart.
• As the invited entry to Real Street, you cannot substitute for another vehicle without prior approval from MotorActive.

Events page: