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Thread: Post Your Previous Rides

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    Post Your Previous Rides

    Can't for the life of me find the old thread, so I'm starting a new one and sticking it to the top! Get in on it guys and gals, would love to see what you used to own!

    I'll start it off. Missing from the pics below are an EG Civic, also a BMW E46 3 series and also a KIA Mentor (don't ask!).

    My first motor assistend vehicle was this POS. A Yamaha Virago 250cc. I'm short so I felt comfy on it as I could very easily get both feet flat on the ground. It couldn't corner though. I ended up scraping the hell out of the foot pegs and often wandered into the wrong lane on long sweepers.

    I sold the Virago to buy this. A Yamaha SRV250. Same engine as the Virago, lovely little bike. I never got comfy on the bike, soon after this I bought a car (well, my parents bought it for me primarily to get me off the bike!).

    This was my first car. 1st year uni, it was 2nd hand, automatic and I loved it. I ended up getting the springs cut (ahahahaha). The BBS wheels came off a VR6 Golf. I painted the tail lights black (got done by coppers too) and had a custom exhaust as well.

    ALFA 147
    I traded the Celica in on this Alfa not too long after I finished university. I did a whole lot of stuff to this car. Tracked it a few times too. It was a Selespeed (clutchless manual like DSG). I loved it lots.

    I scored this fantastic AE86 GTV. Pretty rare, brought into the country for rally purposes only, and only for Toyota staff. It was going to cost me way too much to get it to the condition I wanted to take it to though so I sold it.

    I then found a really clean EG Civic. SOHC VTEC!

    I took my sisters car for a while too, an MR2 Spyder. It also had a funny clutchless gearbox.

    I then bought this thing and absolutely hated it.

    I sold the DC5R and bought the real deal DC2R. Liked it, didn't love it, but I thought it was a pretty cool car, shame about the boy racer image though.

    I then found a lovely stock MX5 Clubman and modified it with a lot of love. Massive love affair with this car. Have never driven anything quite as amazing. Super intuitive and balanced. Massive respect for these. I tracked it lots and it is the car that taught me how to drive.

    I also bought a fantastic Evo 6.5 Tommi Makinen Edition. The car allowed me to comfortably push it to 8/10ths out on the track. Definitely like playing a Playstation game. It was faster than the GT-R and it was stock. It was so good I had to sell it.

    My 1st Honda Jazz. I bought it new and took it straight to the workshop for bracing parts then straight to the track. I tracked it a lot, not sure why, just loved having the foot to the floor 90% of the time on the track, felt great!

    My old S2000. Bought it dead stock. Loved it, not as friendly and fun as the MX-5 but it was a challenge to drive fast and commanded a lot more respect. Amuse kit, AP2 tails, Mugen exhaust, Mugen hard top too.

    My 2nd Honda Jazz. Auto. Daily and carried my mountain bikes really well.

    My 3rd Honda Jazz was bought modified. It had a K20A engine from a DC5R Integra Type-R, 6 speed gearbox too. It was insane, louder than the GT-R. Definitely the craziest car I've ever owned.

    Suga and I bought this ED Civic for her to learn manual on. The way I've modified it is more of a joke than anything else. It's super low to the ground, the wheels are way too big for it and best of all it's got a very strong B16A engine swap which makes it heaps of fun to fang.

    An auto Nissan Skyline V35 350GT. I had massive deep dish SSR's on order, sold the car before the wheels arrived.

    Bought dead stock. Loved this car, miss it lots. Owned it longer than most of my daily drivers to date.

    My 2nd DC2R.
    Bought another one. Loved it, kinda on and off, in the end I just missed the power of the Golf so I traded it in on an EVO IX (my current daily driver).

    Mini Panel Van
    Was so horrible to drive I had to let it go pretty much straight away. It's off to the best home ever though, check the build thread here:!!!

    EVO IX.
    Meh. So laggy off the lights unles syou launch it (I never did), just couldn't get it set up right for the circuit either (understeered a lot).


    And another.
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    dayum! youve owned alot of cars and bikes!

    Would love to make the money you do haha

    any more info on the evo8? looks awesome
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    My first car i bought when I was 16. owned it for about a year.

    Then I got given this car and owned it for about 8 months.

    I ended up trading the echo and bought this brand new.

    After owning the focus for about 2 years I wanted something more powerful. Bought it stock and put coilovers, J's racing exhaust and J's racing carbon bonnet, buddyclub coilovers and injen intake. I kept this for 12 months and swapped for this.

    I got this with nice mods but changed it to the way I wanted it. Yes it sat pretty high with the coilovers maxed out at the rear. Owned it for a 12 months.

    I ended up selling the euro and getting this. 1.3L of carby fun. Got pretty bored of this after about 3 months haha.

    I wanted power again and bought my first turbo car Had it for about 6 months.

    ended up buying a house and swapping my mate for his SSS and modified it heavily with suspension mods. Sold it to my mate who has now done a VE conversion.

    Got myself another skyline. It ended up blowing after 6 months so sold it as is and bought a little run about car.

    Which is this.
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    i don't really have any previous rides of note i tend to keep all the interesting ones forever?
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    My first car... pretty much just used it to get to work and back... thing was like an old soviet tank... hand me down from the folks, we had it for 14 years (surprisingly, a very, very good car) pissed myself laugh when driving around with a hole in the exhaust... sounded like arse and drove like shit, people still wanted to race it thinking it was fast... eventually it got collected by the rubbish truck

    got a VT commodore after that for really cheap... (needed it for the work commute)... it had a really, really short life and I didn't even take a photo of it...

    and, then I bought my GTIR... this is what it presently looks like... I've had it for 3 years now, owning it is like having bi polar disorder... you love it, and then it breaks and you get depressed...

    this picture actually does it a shit load of justice... its pretty clean, but certainly not that clean...

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    only had 2 prior vehicles, i just keep them and run em til they die

    92 Nissan Maxima, daily'd the balls out of it for a few years. went to 429k before the engine and trans blew, never needed any big repairs

    88 Nissan Navara 2WD 5spd, i miss this thing so bad it hurts. bought it sitting in a field for $650, drove me in -50c once, through a few feet of water, drifted it, shifted at redline always, god knows what else and it never quit once. it was rusty from sitting for many years in that field and had holes in the floorboard etc, one day the frame broke in half so i had to scrap it

    then i have my 4 current hunks of junk
    1979 Toyota Supra 4ME 5spd, 1981 Toyota Hilux longbox 4WD 4spd, 1991 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon 3.0, 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 4x4 6.0
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    I have had many previous vehicles, I started when i was and been buying and selling cars. I normally keep them about 4-5 months. some even less than that.
    My list of cars consisted of

    1) Toyota Soarer SC300 - 2jzge dizzy motor . Sold it to a fella in Bundaberg without him viewing the car, had 130000 on the clock, i bought it for next to nothing with a cracked head. AFter school i'd come to ol mans workshop and complete it slowly

    2) E36 318iS . Bought at an auction for cheap due to a slipping clutch, changed that, and put some money into the stereo

    4WD rear ended me at the centenary hwy back when it was starting to get built

    Decided to sell it as it was all out of wack after the repairs

    3) Saw this E46 at a wholesale yard and it sat for quite some time, i offered him some $$ and he said yes and drove it that day. 100 000 k's on the clock, m3 wheels, lowered, mild exhaust, and leather seats. Bad point : Auto

    Sold it to a bloke in Melbourne, picked him up from the airport. dropped me at the train station and he drove back to melbourne

    4) Bought my first skyline, r33 n/a gts. Did 245000 on the clock. timing belt was due and it needed tidying up.

    at the same time i bought a cressi for $80, running with rego. automatic

    The head gasket blew on the cressi and ended up selling it for 800. didnt do any work, just drove it as is registered on my name.

    5) I bought my first turbo car. Pulsar GTiR RNN14
    Sr20, GT2871r, coil overs, heavy duty clutch, G'Reddy E-Manage. Was a freaking quick little rocket

    Sold that and decided i'd buy a couple cars to turn around and make a profit with

    6) Honda Prelude VTiR , just needed a clutch done and that was that

    7) Honda Civic Coupe VTiR

    It didnt need much, just a detail and it sold fairly quickly


    Just a diesel. drove it around, sluggish, but fun to drive, and so smoothe !

    I sold them all and saved some cash to buy a few more cars,

    9) Nissan 300ZX only reason being at the auction no one had a reserve price or put a bid on, so i managed to go and get it for cheap

    then i saw this in the corner

    10) Mitsubishi Express van

    with a .....

    yes, galant vr4 4g63, microtech, hd clutch, exhaust system, fmic, external gate

    I sold it to a fella in sunny coast, it was a bit rough and needed maintenance, which i didnt want to do, still got a pretty penny for it....

    11) I went to a wholesale car yard , i saw this corolla. at first it looked like an ordinary corolla, but it was factory turbo 7afe. We have had two of these now, #50 and #51.
    This was #50. only mod was an autobarn spec blow off valve, wasnt flashy, didnt like the colour, but it was a corolla and it would sell quickly

    After selling these cars, I really wanted a silvia, and found one, with my wholesaler contact, a pewter grey spec r with 80 000kms on the clock

    I enjoyed my r33 more than this stock for stock, and had more fun in it. i gave it a full detail and put up an ad to see how it went. a few calls later a guy came down and picked it up at 10.30

    Picked up a Soarer for cheap, it was very very cheap, running, it had a few issues with the ABS that i tried to deal with but near impossible to find.

    I left it at home and had my R33 SEDAN with a RB26 that i picked up at easter holidays in sunny coast. I had no intentions to buy a car there yet took the $$ with me. I gave the owner a ring, and checked it out. I fell in love with it, and i took it home that same day (sunday)

    I advertised it as an EOI. a guy came to see it and gave me an offer i couldnt refuse....after driving around daily. which i still have

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    Been awhile since I have posted anything on JDMST

    First car was a 1999 Green 1.6L corolla sedan in manual, stock as a rock (no pics of actual car)

    Basically the same as this (stole a pic off google search)

    Second car was a 2000 model Silver 1.8L Corolla sedan again in manual, this one was lowered with rims and exhaust.

    Same as this except with those minor mods.

    R34 - GTT

    This car went through several stages of modification, including 2 bodykits, 2 intercooler setups, 3 exhaust systems and 8 sets of wheels lol.

    Next was a V35 2004 Premium model with Brembos and 6 speed manual. Loved it, but after the R34 it felt very similar in the way it drove ie big rwd coupe. Sold the car to a JDMST member after a year.

    After hanging around a Honda workshop for too long I really started to get into Hondas and bought my first Honda in 2008. A 2004 model EP3 Type R (Face lifted model). LOVED the K20a motor, just so happy and willing to rev.
    Not too many mods, full Spoon exhaust from headers back, Spoon brakes, Mugen intake and a few other bits here and there.

    I had someone offer me a price I couldn't refuse so I ended up selling it then purchased a 2004 model EVO 8 MR in Gunmetal with the optional BBS wheels.

    Only owned this car for roughly 4 months, besides a few niggling issues with the car after I bought it, I didn't really connect with the car at all. It was just ridiculous how fast you can corner in these things, I felt the electronics were doing all the work and after awhile it became a little bit "boring". As a friend of mine once said, its like playing a video game in "god mode". Had a few issues with the car from day 1 and after a few months of one issue after another, decided it was best to cut my losses and sell.

    I missed Honda, so decided to have a go at a stripped out EK.

    Pretty much had everything Spoon, from the rear cf spoiler,Spoon coilovers, genuine SW388 wheels and even Spoon Seats and Steering wheel. Engine was a B16A with a few bits and bobs from the B16B and Spoon cam gears tuned with a Power FC.


    After a series of unfortunate events, it was time to let the EK go.

    It had been almost a decade since I owned a new car and I ended up placing an order for the new 86.
    Car broke after 4 months of ownership, didnt have the best experience with customer service. SOLD it after 7 months.

    Through out the years, I made the effort to choose cars based on a variety of factors but I wanted to make sure I tried the different drive configurations. Ie FF, FR, 4WD and MR (RR will come with the mid-life crisis).

    FF - check
    FR- check
    4WD - check

    Time for MR (current daily drive)

    First time I have gone for an actual "colour" instead of a shade lol. Yellow was definitely not the colour I was looking for but the price and condition was right. It has started to grow on me but I think a respray may be on the list of future mods. Currently saving for a K20

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    What was wrong with the 86?? Wouldnt expect a brand new car to die that quick LOL
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