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Thread: Post Your Previous Rides

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    holden ute with bolt on flares
    Kelvin Costner

    my first car, sa22c rx7, brought off my old neighbour for a very good price because he was retired and its been sitting in the garage for a very long time. I actually don't have any digital photos of it so I stole on from the net for now lol

    while the rx7 was broken I had to buy an around, a 89 KE ford laser gl

    Then all of my mate got into off roading then I got a 89 3dr vitara jlx, had an exhaust, lifted shockes and springs. Yup still no digital photos of it yet

    During my time whoring in car forums I started out with my track whore echo, all sussy and bracing mods with semi it did a pb of 1:18 around wakefield. Its the only car to this day I can drive to wakie, thrash it all day long and come back home with the same tank of fuel. Never had a car where I can full throttle on most part of any track.

    I had a couple company cars when I had my echo and my mx5

    In 2005, circuit fever had caught on, I was thinking of competiting in super sprints but sadly I needed a better car to do it in, hence the NB8A mx5. I always love this car since I was a kid, it is still the best handling car I ever own and it is the one of the only couple of cars I'll go back to.
    Sadly busy work schedule had force me to be just a weekend warrior. During the whole 3 years of ownership, I only tracked it 5 times and attend 3 skidpan days

    2008, another change of lifestyle which meant one thing, the mx5 had to be replaced by a bigger and more practical car. The gc8 wrx did the job perfectly, always wanted one since back in 94 when I was following the WRC. This car is so fun in the wet, dirt and anywhere lacks traction.
    My photography, work, study and a few other stuff have taken a toll on my interest in cars and modding. Compare to my previous cars this was quite pathetic. Very minor mods and never been tracked.

    After I drove a mate's EP3R, I was pretty impressed by it. So I brought a cw 03 JDM EP3 civic Type R with a few mugen goodies. Lot of money been spent on the bloody car and got dicked around. After 7 months ownership I had enough, time for something different.

    here it is, 2010 Toyota Rukus.

    had a cheap paddock basher, 2000 Toyota Rav4

    And then I have a company ute
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    S15 Silvia Spec-R

    I've had quite a few cars, many I don't have pics for but here are some of the ones I do,

    Hyundai Accent

    Then, Holden VX SS

    Proton Satria GTi

    Then I bought a clean as Type-X (which I should of kept)

    Then I went 4WD in a GC8

    Then back to Nissan with a S14a

    Then the X made me get a family car VY SV8

    Pissed her & the VY off, & I've been getting around in a VS pos until yesterday as a temporary drive while I looked for something worth buying

    Then yesterday I picked up a super clean & stock jdm S15 Silvia

    Much excite!
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    '00 Gc8 WRX
    2nd Car
    '73 1200 Coupe

    First car: S13 Q's
    Such a POS, blew two motors, sold it on.

    Second car: Celica ST
    Caught fire twice, reverse and 5th broke so I had to hold it in gear. Never actually stopped running though.

    Third car: E30 328i
    Had this for a week before I got T-Boned.

    Fourth car: I bought a Subaru Liberty sedan with pocket change till I got back into the scene. (No pics)

    Fifth car: R32 GTR
    One of my "Top Ten" must own before I die.

    Sixth car: 73 Datsun 1200 coupe
    Still have this one.

    And recently aquired the below as a daily.

    Seventh car: MY00 GC8 WRX
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    Quote Originally Posted by Starscream View Post
    nice skid..
    Survived Parramatta Crew

    Whiteballz is an irresponsible Mod.
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    I thought ive had a few cars in my short time on the road, after reading through this thread its making me think twice haha

    My first car,

    '89 300zx.
    Had it for about three weeks, first time i drove it in the rain i under steered through a round about and crashed.

    Second car,

    '99 VT commonwhore
    Needed a car to get me to work and back so i grabbed this car as it was super clean,
    did the typical p plater shit, lowered it, cat back exhaust, hecktic sound system.
    Sold it 10 months later and put 30,000k's on the clock.

    Third car,
    '90 300zx
    Hated the boat of a commodore, so i found a cheap 300zx i could learn how to fix myself. Its been a really reliable car and i still use it as a daily today.

    Forth car,
    99' JDM S15
    Ive always wanted a silvia, when i was looking to buy my first car i wanted a S13 but back then all N/A silvia's were at a stupid premo price and couldn't justify paying what people wanted for them.
    Cut to 2012 I found a S15 that ticked all the boxes, has most of the factory goodies on it, plus a few more other things. ive done my first few track days in this car and its been nothing but good to me, ive learned so much since owning this car.
    I hope to keep it for a very long time!

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    RNN14 GTiR Pulsar

    ^ @ this last pic... wog weddings?
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    Quote Originally Posted by clutch-monkey View Post
    nice skid..
    Can't take the credit for that one, looks too narrow to be a 275 tyre
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    my first car, bought at 18. Still my first car, love it.

    old photo with the mk2, miss those wheels, dont have a good photo with it, with the new wheels, need to tidy it up.
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    MX73 Cressida
    2nd Car
    Datsun 620

    Here's most of my previous rides, there's a couple I don't have pics of (before the invention of the digital camera). First car was a Mazda 323 hatch. Was good to learn on, but I let my mate use it for his job delivering pizzas, and he thrashed it and basically drove it into the ground.

    file photo (same colour as mine though):

    Next up was one of my favourites, still to this day: 1989 Toyota MR2. Had it for a year or so but got sick of paying off the loan on it, so I sold it.

    Bought my first turbo, a Mitsubishi Cordia GSR. It was a former Fast Fours feature car, and really tidy. Was quite quick, but had serious torque steer, and brakes were terrible.

    Went overseas for about 6 years, so initially gave the Cordia to my brother, and he ended up selling it. When I came home I bought a bone stock Mazda MX6. Always liked the shape of these. Modified it a bit, but ended up getting rid of it because it was auto and fwd.

    Up next, a Datsun 180B SSS. I luuurve pillarless coupes. This thing was pretty cool, but underneath that nice paintwork was some pretty average bodywork, so sold it on.

    Felt like getting something more modern, so bought this Suzuki Ignis Sport. Yes it was fwd, but it was very zippy and really fun to drive. Ended up selling this to my mum!

    Wanted to go back to rwd, so bought a 20V-powered Toyota Sprinter. Great car, awesome induction noise from the open ITBs. Did a lot of tidying up in the engine bay, and installed a full cage, rear seat delete and custom flooring, Bride recliner for the driver etc etc... Got featured in Zoom Magazine.

    While I had the Sprinter I also bought a project car: BMW 2002. Was supposed to be a quick tidy up and sell. Ended up spending a lot more time and money than I'd planned, couldn't help modifying it from stock too. Finally sold it, and broke even.

    Got bored with the Sprinter, so sold it and bought a Mazda MX5. It had quite a few mods already, but I ended up doing a LOT more work to it. Engine, gearbox, & diff swap, turbo kit, ECU, wheels, plenty of custom work. Featured in Zoom and Fast Fours magazines.

    While the MX5 was off the road for 6 months I needed a daily to get to work. Wanted a ute cause the MX5 couldn't carry anything big, so bought a Nissan Navara. Boring as batshit but really practical, reliable, and auto, so easy to commute in the traffic.

    Also bought another project car, a Toyota Stout, with a rare tub back! Had big plans for it but it had so much rust I decided not to go ahead with it.

    After I sold the Stout I looked for another project and found a Toyota Corona. Still have it, it's a work in progress.

    Once the MX5 was all finished and I'd had my fun, I put it up for sale. A few months and plenty of tyrekickers later, I ended up swapping it for an Evo 6. Also sold the Navara as I was moving interstate.

    Found the Evo a bit boring to be honest, especially after driving my turbo MX5. So after I moved up north I sold it. Needed money to start my business anyway, so looked for something cheap to replace it with. Ended up buying a bone stock Toyota Corolla wagon for $500. Couldn't leave it standard though...

    The girlfriend didn't like riding around in it much though (front coilovers and flattened rear leaf springs made it a bit bumpy lol), so I promised to buy something "sensible" (ie. something with aircon, power steering, stuff like that). Was only looking at Jap cars, but couldn't find anything I liked, and was getting really tired of looking. So ended up buying an Audi S3.

    So far it's been pretty good. But it's not really my style, so it's only a matter of time before I sell it and go back to a Jap car.
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    Honda Hornet 250

    Finished the HSC and bought this for $500 as a project over the summer

    Then I bought this

    I got my motorbike license and bought this

    Then I got my full car license and went crazy

    Then I upgraded my bike (don't have a photo of it yet)

    And now because I spent $10,000 on an awesome bike I share the same daily car as my girlfriend (we so cute)

    Mine is the Ferrari Red. You can read about my daily plans with the Mirage here:
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