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Thread: [VIC] JDM Garage Clean out / DC2R/EK9/EK4/S2000

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    DC2R Mugen Air Box with wind deflector SOLD
    DC2R Seibon OEM Style Carbon Bonnet SOLD
    DC2R Mugen B-Pipe / Mugen Twinloop Axel back / JDM Cat SOLD
    B Series Mugen Jasma Approved 4-1 Headers SOLD
    CRV Cluster SOLD
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    EK4 cluster SOLD
    CL1 Type R Steering wheel SOLD
    EK9 Complete set of Floor mats SOLD
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    price drops

    heaps of parts sold
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    heaps of parts sold and heaps more added to list
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    heaps of parts sold, list is upto date with what is available.
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    heaps of parts sold, heaps of parts added to list
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    EK9 Floor mats SOLD
    EM1 Arm Rest with bracket SOLD
    EM1 4x100 complete hubs/brakes with cables SOLD
    EK9 Door trims SOLD
    DC5R Complete centre console with red stitch gear boot/cup holders/handbrake cover SOLD
    EM1 OEM Front sway bar with control arms SOLD
    APEXi VTEC Controller SOLD
    DC2R Floor Mats SOLD
    DC2R OEM Rear pods SOLD

    list updated with new items
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    updated list, more items added for sale
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