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Thread: DSLR video looks rubbish - advice please!

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    DSLR video looks rubbish - advice please!

    Hi everyone,

    So, I recently bought a Canon EOS Kiss x5 (also known as the T3i/600D) to shoot some video on while I am back in Japan, and I haven't been able to make them look as nice as photos taken in the same place with the same camera.

    I was shooting in full-auto mode with a Marumi CPL filter, and had used manual focus.

    Here are some of the worst offenders (they tend to be landscape videos under bright light) - I have no clue why the bridge in the first one is strobing, and the water has hints of red in it. Also, I was pretty certain I focused it right - I thought I did it right by zooming in and using the extra x10 digital zoom to focus, but everything is blurry!

    If people can tell me what exactly is wrong here or what I should rather be doing - shutter speed, aperture, ISO, that sort of thing - please let me know.

    Thanks in advance!

    Will translate stuff in Japanese!
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    Hey mate,

    Your settings will play a big role in getting nice picture. If you're shooting at 24 frames per second ([email protected] for example) you'll want your shutter speed to be roughly double 1/50. If you're shooting at 30fps you'll want to be at 1/60. if you're new to video remember that as a rule of thumb and don't deviate from it. There are reasons for using a slower or faster shutter speed but in day to day use it isn't going to be required. I'm not too familiar with the 600D but do some research online, there will probably be an exact way to set up the in camera sharpness, saturation etc. Basically you want the image in camera to have the most dynamic range and the least amount of sharpening (you an sharpen in post). I don't know what lens you're using but if it's a kit lens you can't expect fantastic quality out of it. The CPL may also be the culprit if it is a cheaper brand.

    Hope that helps!
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    Hey guys,

    just started getting into photography was wondering if anyone can give me tips on general? I always wanna know what i should set my aperture, iso and my shutter speed to so i can capture rolling shots. Im using a EOS D700d Camera with the standard lense 55mm.


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