Its a well known fact that lowering a DC5 anymore than 2-inches due to its "unique" front struts and high placement of the steering rack (above the LCAs), as the car is lowered the tie rods becomes unparalleled to the LCAs and is forced into an acute angle = Bad, generally toe-ing IN the front wheels to an unacceptable range.The addition of adjusting camber via camber plates only emphasis this issue. OEM length tie rods are too long and at even the shortest length, the total toe will still be in an unacceptable range.

The inexperience will be left scratching his head and quickly realise the solution is only for a shorter tie rods with more adjustment. Side by side, Hardrace’s 42mm Tie rod vs OEM tie rods at it shortest length; Hardrace’s 42mm tie rod has adequate thread for adjusting Toe to Factory specifications and returns the Tie rods into their optimal position parallel to the LCAs.

note: Factory Honda Tie rod ends are compatible with Hardrace 42mm tie rod.