Well, it is what it is. Let's just say it has plenty of character.


Make: Kawasaki
Model: ZZR-250
Year: 2004
Km: 25,250
Colour: Cherry Red
Registration: No, expired

Notes: In short, this ZZR-250 is out of rego (although still within the three-month period where you don't need a blue slip), and needs just a touch of work. Ok, a fair bit.

It's only done just over 25,000kms and nearly all of those have been on a daily commute.

But sadly, it's basically been ridden only monthly for the last year and needs to go to a new home to get fixed up before she returns to the road again.

Make no mistake - we're being upfront here. We have a quote from a mechanic that we can provide and will happily make sure you're aware of the details.

This isn't a stitch-up and we want to make sure the right person takes the red rocket.

For example, we'll happily tell you about that time we came home to the bike knocked over on its side, thanks to some kind blind person who thought that backing into a bike and driving off was the right thing to do.

In summary, if this bike was on Tinder, and you were looking for a dream that you could jump on and ride all night, you'd swipe left.

Swiping right on this bike means you understand you have to put a little bit of love into it. This baby isn't a smooth ride just yet, but maybe it can be.

Shoot me a PM and I'll happily chat through what you need to know.

Special note: Don't buy this if you don't know what you're doing.

Price: Well, tricky one. I bought it for around $3000 a few years ago. Since then, it hasn't had the best life. Given a few parts and work needed, I'm asking $950. Heck, the mechanic told me to ask for $1200. So I'm being legit.

I will take offers but mostly I'll be looking to make sure you know it needs work first and then we can talk cash.

Work required: Quote says - general service (oil, chain, filter), brake pads, front sprocket, and fork seals, which is a big one.

There's a note about tyres, but it won't need new tyres to pass rego (added a photo of the rear). Fairings have a bit of rash and dings.