Subaru’s ever-popular performance icon, the WRX, is versatile in the best kind of way, coupling real-world practicality with brutish turbocharged grunt. Honed on the World Rally circuit, the WRX is the kind of car you can take the kids to school in and hammer down a gravel road on the way home.

The G3 Subaru WRX was first released in 2007, having been a complete redesign from the model before it. First seen in a narrow-body configuration and later released as a wide-body in 2011, the G3 WRX is one of the more aggressive-looking WRXs to grace our streets. Powered by a 2.5-litre turbocharged boxer four putting out 195kW and 343Nm and managing the 100 km/h sprint in about 5.3 seconds, the WRX’s aggressive lines are backed up by some serious firepower.

Much like the WRXs that have come before it, the G3 WRX is a thriving platform for modification and as with any project, a good place to start is the brakes. If you’re turning up the wick on your WRX or even if you’re just in need of some replacement discs, it’s a good idea to make sure that you’ve a good amount of stopping power behind you. And that’s where DBA comes in.

DBA’s 5000 Series 2-piece T3 slotted rotors are a great match for your WRX and teamed with a set of Ferodo DS Performance brake pads tucked beneath the calipers, you’ll have an added sense of confidence on the street, on the track and on the dirt. DBA’s Kangaroo Paw vane design provides a significant improvement in cooling efficiency and strength meaning that you’ll be able to push the limits (something you’ll enjoy doing if you own a WRX) knowing that you have the right amount of braking performance complimenting that all-wheel-drive grip.

DBA 5000 Series T3 slotted disc

Ferodo DS Performance pads

At DBA, we pride ourselves on making a wide variety of specifications from street and light track applications to 4WD/SUV applications all the way to race-bred applications. We also take great pride on making brakes to suit almost any make and model.

Using our online catalogue, we make it very simple to find the parts available for your vehicle. Just enter your car’s details as seen below and not only will you see if we make something for your vehicle, in most cases you will see many alternative options for your vehicle depending on your application and driving style.

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