During regular driving, environmental contaminants such as road grime, water marks, bugs, tree sap, oil, grease can fall on your windows which over-time builds up and reduces visibility as well as the overall appearance of your ride.

Autoglymís Car Glass Polish is a powerful, deep cleaning cream that safely polishes your windows without leaving any marks or scratches, and has a special formula to reduce misting during cold foggy nights Ė do not use on plastic, acrylic, Perspex or tinted windows, use Autoglym Fast Glass instead.

Begin by shaking the bottle then pouring a small amount of product onto a clean microfibre cloth.

Lightly polish your glass leaving a thin, even film on the surface. Apply more pressure on tough to remove stains. Leave the film to dry for a minimum of five minutes until the film turns into a haze.

Buff to a shiny finish with an Autoglym Hi-tech Finishing Cloth and admire the results.

It is also a great product to remove any dirt or grime from your wiper blades.

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