CGU Comprehensive Car Insurance vs Allianz Comprehensive Car Insurance: Which is Better?

Two very well established insurance companies both with envious records would make it extremely difficult if someone had to make a choice between the two. So that is precisely what we are going to do, try and decide which is the better company as far as their comprehensive insurance policies go.

For this exercise we are going to take the various aspects of each policy one by one and see who comes out on top. We are of course not going to compare prices as that depends on each individual. If you want to obtain a CGU comprehensive car insurance quote from Warranty and Insurance and then one from Allianz in the meantime, please feel free to do that.

  1. 24/7 road assistance.
    Not offered by CGU. Allianz offers it for $90/year.

  2. Child restraints.
    CGU covers the replacement cost. Allianz up to $ 500.

  3. Uninsured driver cover.
    With CGU the cover is subject to certain conditions. With Allianz the cover is unconditional.

  4. Personal liability.
    CGU covers you for $ 30 million. Allianz for $ 20 million.

  5. Clearing of accident debris.
    CGU covers the full cost of the clean-up. Allianz does not cover this

  6. Emergency accommodation.
    CGU covers you for $ 500, but Allianz for $ 750.

  7. Hired vehicle (while busy with your claim).
    CGU does not offer the option and it is optional with Allianz.

  8. Storage costs for your vehicle.
    CGU will pay this. Allianz will not.

  9. Fatality costs.
    CGU covers you for $ 5000, whilst Allianz is a great deal more at $ 25 000.

  10. Legal costs.
    CGU will cover the cost up to $ 5000 whilst Allianz will pay all the costs.

  11. Accessories/Options.
    CGU offers you no cover while with Allianz the cover is unlimited.

  12. New for old replacement.
    CGU will give you a new car up till 3 years old. Allianz only up to 2 years old.

  13. NCB protection.
    With CGU this is optional. Allianz will allow you 1 claim/year.

  14. Personal items
    CGU covers you for $ 500, but Allianz for $ 750.

  15. Tools of trade
    CGU offers no cover. Cover is optional with Allianz.

  16. Lifetime guarantee on repair.
    No from CGU. Yes from Allianz.

  17. UberX driver.
    No cover from CGU. An option with Allianz.

  18. Vehicle pickup.
    Not on offer from CGU. Allianz covers the cost up to $ 500.

  19. Weather.
    CGU will cover you for fires, floods and storms, but you are on your own with Allianz.

  20. Hire car (in the case of theft).
    CGU will hire a car for you for up to 14 days while Allianz will do it for up to 21 days.

    To conclude we can review the 20 points above and we see that out of the 20, CGU only betters Allianz on 5 aspects. This is taking into account if an aspect is not even available as an option. It would therefore appear that the Allianz comprehensive car insurance policy, even if more expensive would provide better value for money.