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Thread: DBA Choose Your Stopping Power - Nissan GTR

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    DBA Choose Your Stopping Power - Nissan GTR

    The iconic Nissan GT-R 35 is the latest in a long line of fire breathing, corner crushing, supercar smashing Skylines from Japan. Featuring a twin turbo V6 blowing out 360kW through a trick AWD system and sophisticated automated dual clutch gearbox, the latest Godzilla is set to conquer any road or track in its way.

    It is no surprise then that the GT-R 35 (2009-2011) comes equipped with two piece floating rotors, measuring 380mm on the front and rear. With over 1.7 tonnes to stop, the brakes must be up to the task.

    Race 5000 Series T3 slotted front rotors.

    DBA offers outer rotor and full rotor and hat replacements for the Nissan GT-R 35 (2009-2011), in the 5000 Road and Race T3 Series.

    The 5000 Series DBA Brake Rotors incorporate Alumalite hats made from 6061-T6 Aeronautical grade aluminium. The Alumalite hat reduces unsprung weight for improved suspension and handling performance as well as allowing uniform expansion of the disc rotor during high performance use.

    Here’s just a few reasons we believe the DBA Club Spec Road & Race 5000 Series T3 slotted rotors are the perfect performance replacement rotor for your Nissan GT-R 35 (2009-2011):

    T3 Slot 48 precision CNC machined slots
    Advantage: Tri-Symmetrical curve slots dampens the vibration harmonics or noise.
    Benefit: A quieter, responsive and smoother brake pedal feel.

    Kangaroo Paw – 144 diamond and tear drop pillar ventilation system
    Advantage: Increased surface area resulting in greater heat dissipation.
    Benefit: Minimises brake fade and increases braking effectiveness.

    XG150 High Carbon Alloyed Iron
    Advantage: An increase in thermal capacity property allows the rotor to handle constant extremes of heat over extended periods of time.
    Benefit: Minimises warping and cracking and prolongs the service life of the rotor.

    Thermographic Temperature Monitoring
    Advantage: Heat paint markings change colour at specific temperature thresholds.
    Benefit: Allows the driver to monitor rotor fatigue and decide on rotor replacement and to assist resellers with warranty claims.

    Paint protection on non-friction areas
    Advantage: Reduces corrosion, enhances appearance.
    Benefit: Stops any unsightly rust formation.

    DBA Club Spec Road & Race 5000 Series T3 slotted rotors

    Nissan GT-R 35 Front Rotor and Hat Replacement (2009-2011) – DBA 52320BLKS

    Nissan GT-R 35 Replacement Ring for OE Rotor (2009-2011) – DBA 52322.1S

    Nissan GT-R 35 Rear Rotor and Hat Replacement (2009-2011) – DBA 52321BLKS

    Nissan GT-R 35 Rear Replacement Ring for OE Rotor (2009-2011) – DBA 52323.1S

    For other model years, please check our online catalogue -

    At DBA, we pride ourselves on making a wide variety of specifications from street and light track applications to 4WD/SUV applications all the way to race-bred applications. We also take great pride on making brakes to suit almost any make and model.

    Using our online catalogue, we make it very simple to find the parts available for your vehicle. Just enter your car’s details as seen below and not only will you see if we make something for your vehicle, in most cases you will see many alternative options for your vehicle depending on your application and driving style.

    Find our catalogue here:

    If your make or model is not listed, feel free to send us a PM and we will check to see what is available!

    For more information visit:

    DBA Official Website
    DBA on Facebook
    DBA on YouTube
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